Sonny tries to locate Will after he took off from the party after kissing Neil. Nicole avoids E.J.'s call and comes across Daniel who returned to Salem. Will can't believe that his mother is blaming Marlena for all the mistakes she's made. Rafe confides in Carrie about Sami's affair with E.J. Nicole tells Daniel that today was the worst day of her life, she then feels dizzy and faints. Rafe is surprised by Carrie when she gives Sami the benefit of the doubt. Will tells Sonny that his Sami's secret is out in the open and he pretty much has no family anymore. Nicole wakes up and Daniel tells her he brought her to the hospital. Sami vows to put her family back together again without her in it. Will tells Sonny about these feelings he's been having for a long time and is scared they won't go away. Carrie tries to get Rafe to be there for Sami. Daniel stuns Nicole saying her test came back and revealing that she's pregnant.

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