Billie is shocked when Daniel says he was told by Kate to steer clear of her. Austin wants and answer from Carrie if it's too late to save their marriage. Will does his best to avoid Kate's questions about his sexuality. John orders Stefano to call off his man tailing Marlena saying he'll do whatever he wants. Rafe tells Nicole that he told Sami to get a lawyer and that they're marriage is over with. Billie gets a call from Agent Spencer saying they need to meet right away to discuss something important. Marlena runs into Will and asks what's got him so startled, he says that Kate's known about him for quite some time. Stefano tells John and Hope exactly what he wants from them, but has a solution after they refuse. Carrie tells Austin why didn't he tell her about the so called night with Abigail as Rafe overhears. Billie tells Agent Spencer all fingers are beginning to point at E.J. for the embezzled funds cause he had a lot to gain if John was convicted. Stefano suggests to make John and Hope the personas of the Pawn and Princess Gina once again. Will tells Marlena he feels he might be gay.

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