Brady arrives unaware the hosts of the party is Ian. Will is told by Marlena that he can't help the feelings that he has. John tells Hope they have no choice but to become the old selves once again. Kate looks at Marlena from a far and vows to win. Gabi is mad when Chad and Melanie are going back to his place, she then thinks of the thing she did while there. E.J. offers to represent Sami to keep Kate from sending her to prison. Hope demands proof that Stefano show her that Bo is alright or else she's not doing anything for him, but doesn't get an answer. Chad admits to Melanie that he's falling in love with her. Brady gets up and makes a toast in a drunken haze, but Marlena doesn't want him making a fool of himself. Will asks Gabi what the deal with her and Chad. Madison catches up with Brady and the two rekindle some lost time apart. Chad and Melanie start to get intimate, she comes across a pair of earrings in his bed and she abruptly leaves.

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