E.J. asks Will to keep a close eye on Nicole, and to take time away from school, Marlena then tells E.J. what he can do with his offer. Gina and John celebrate when they successfully acquired the Anastasia Egg. Abe tells Lexie that she had another headache and passed out and insists on getting Daniel to come over. Sami tells Lucas not to leave and to get Autumn to move to Salem. Billie asks Daniel after talking if he's in fact hitting on her. John starts to kiss Gina, but then spots a picture of Marlena on the floor but recognize her. Theo comes downstairs and asks Abe what's wrong with his mother. Billie shows Agent Spencer photos of invoices showing a weapons deal and that E.J. not Stefano is behind it. John has brief flashes of himself with Marlena. Marlena asks Will if he's working for E.J. cause he knows what he told her. E.J. tells Sami about Nicole and Rafe are having a baby. John tells Gina that the last 10 years she doesn't remember is cause she was living another life. Sami learns E.J. is moving across the hall from her. Celeste arrives and tells Lexie she needs to get tests done right away cause she's in danger.

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