Gabi makes a promise to herself to break up Chad and Melanie. Nicole tells Daniel that E.J. learned about the pregnancy and Rafe said he was the father. Austin tells Carrie maybe it's time they settled down by starting a family of their own. Marlena explains to Will that she still loves him even after admitting that he's gay. Celeste tells Lexie to have herself checked out right away or else she could die. Daniel asks Rafe if he's willing to sacrifice everything to pursue with this lie that he's concocted with Nicole. Melanie reads some hateful comments unaware that Gabi is the one that posted them on the Mad World website, but sees that he ploy failed. Rafe tells Nicole he almost told Carrie the truth about their so called affair. Marlena tells Will that Gabi will understand and he never meant to mislead her in anyway. Daniel comes in with the test results just as Celeste is about to reveal a secret to Lexie saying the news isn't good.

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