Hope talks with Bo, but he then slips back into his coma. Kate goes to confront Sami after learning that Stefano gave her Countess Wilhelmina. Lexie tells E.J. that given the tumors location it is inoperable. Daniel tells Hope that now isn't the right time to bring Bo out his coma. Kate vows to Sami she'll get her company back and will literally destroy her. E.J. tells Abe he's gonna set aside their differences to be ther for Lexie. E.J. goes to Sami wanting to see his children saying he just found about Lexie's tumor. Kate tells Lucas that Stefano took away Hearth and Home too and everything else in her life. Daniel gives Bo the drug that'll wake him up, Bo opens his eyes again and calls Hope "fancy face". Abe tells Lexie there's no way he's going to lose her. Marlena tells John she understands his reason for bringing down Stefano and jail isn't going to stop him from disrupting their lives. E.J. vows to find out the reason for Stefano's recent actions by giving Kate's company to Sami.

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