Carrie and Austin encounter Rafe as he's getting an ice cream sundae for Nicole. Gabi definitely sees something has changed in Will. Chad tells Abigail he arranged a date for her and Cameron, but is surprised that they already met. Kate goes to talk to Stefano, but learns he had he things removed from the mansion. Bo tells Hope how things went while she and John were in Alamainia. Gabi goes to Will requesting his help in breaking up Melanie and Chad, but he says it doesn't sound like her at all. E.J. finds out the reason that Stefano hates Kate is cause she cheated on him. Bo steps in when Stefano starts to harass Hope and John wanting what they stole from the egg. Cameron comes to Abigail's aid when she starts to choke on her popcorn while at the movies, Melanie goes after her after having a few words with him. Bo asks Hope and John what is going on with them and Stefano. Gabi is shocked at Will's admission of the reason they didn't work out is cause he's gay.

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