John and Hope tell Bo they filed the divorce petition, but it wasn't finalized. Billie ask E.J. that if she were in trouble he would've went to Stefano after catching going through the files. Lucas and Sami try their best and spend the day with Allie, and says to give Will some time and he'll come around. Hope tells Bo they both were transformed her back into Princess Gina and John into the Pawn. E.J. gives Billie an ultimatum either she tells him who she's working for or she can tell Stefano. Will applauds Sami for destroying his father's relationship with his fiancee. Marlena and John are in danger after being followed after leaving Bo and Hope's house. Billie tells E.J. that maybe Stefano pointed Rafe and Carrie in the right direction to exonerate John.

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  • Originally Aired Friday, April 27, 2012
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