Marlena is taken and held at knife point and tells John to hand over the coin or else his wife is dead. Kate can't believe it after seeing Lucas and Sami kissing and more that he's working for her too. Stefano to execute the next order of business and to let him know after it's done. Roman steps in telling the assailant to drop the knife, Marlena breaks free allowing him to get away. Bo and Hope hear something at the front door, but sees Rafe and apparently scared off whoever it was. Madison tells Justin to make sure that she gets full control of Mad World, but Justin says he can't sto him from appointing Kate as co-C.E.O. Stefano finds out that everything went according to plan. Lucas questions Sami as to what that kiss even meant. Agent Spencer explains some insight on a duplicate coin they had made up that was sent over to Stefano. Kate and Madison realizes the have a formidable opponent in Sami and to help bring her down. Agent Harmon goes to see Stefano and fills him about the coin being a fake and orders to take everyone out.

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  • Originally Aired Monday, April 30, 2012
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