Carrie sees Roman coming up to the cabin and Hope's quick thinking manages to get a message telling him that the bomb will go off if the door or windows open and not to trust Agent Harmon. Ian tries to persuade Kate to come away to New York for a while, Madison asks if he actually planning on finalizing their divorce after all. Roman comes back with Shane Donovan in tow to help disarm the bomb. Chad is overwhelmed with grief after learning of Lexie's tumor, E.J. doesn't spoil the moment by telling themhe isn't Stefano's son. Ian makes a phone call asking for something which will make Madison want nothing to do with Brady. Shane instructs Bo to cut the wires in order, the wrong move could cause the bomb to go off without warning. E.J. tells Chad to go and talk with Stefano to tell him that in this time of need family is important to him. Kate makes it clear to Ian that she doesn't want to play games anymore, but he asures her by declaring his love for her. The celebration comes to an abrupt halt when the timer is suddenly activated and slowly countdowns.

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