Sami calls Lucas calling to discuss what happened between them earlier, she then gets a visit from E.J. saying he wants to see his children, Sami asks him what is upsetting him. Ian tells Kate not to worry about Brady and to focus on their trip away together. John tells Roman that it's a negative and the timer on the bomb has been activated. Kate asks Madison to come see her cause somebody has hacked their companys server. Ian asks his associate and asksif he got what he asked for, he then calls Brady to meet him at the Brady Pub. Rafe finally comes clean with Carrie about the baby Nicole being E.J's and not his. Sami watches as E.J. on the couch with Johnny and Sydney watching a movie. Madison asks Kate if she's worried that Lucas will become a casualty in Sami's downfall. Ian pours something into Brady's drink while he takes a phone call. Shane tells Roman there's no way to stop it and he's done all he can. John, Marlena, Carrie, Rafe, Hope and Bo prepare for the worse and say their goodbyes to each other. Brady starts to feel not like himself and snaps at Madison for not apparent reason.

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