Carrie feels some stomach pains as she's trying to tell Austin the truth. Hope tells Abe that Stefano was arrested for buying illegal arms. Stefano receives immunity on all of his crimes. Agent Newman tells Roman that Stefano was asked to obtain the weapons for the C.I.A., John disbelief he tries to take a shot at Stefano himself. Marlena and Hope are delighted when the nightmare is finally over with. Sami comes clean when she tells Lucas she was with E.J. earlier discussing Will, he says that he saw them together earlier. E.J. calls Abe saying that Lexie needs him and to come to the police station. Roman tells Agent Newman he refuses to release Stefano until he checks out his so called story.Rafe sees Carrie, and she quickly hides the pregnancy test in her purse. Austin tells Kayla that he wants things to go back to the way things were. Marlena and Hope getthe news that Stefano could pretty much get released from jail. Lucas tells Sami that what she said to him just now should repeat it to Will, and head back to her place and perfect their dinner. Carrie looks at the pregnancy test and says that it is positive. Lexie has a severe headache and passes outin Abe's arms while everyone is arguing.

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