Rafe goes to see Nicole and says the plan to bring down Stefano was a total bust. Abe takes Lexie home after her latest dizzy spell and insists on Daniel come to check on her. Shane tells Roman, Bo and John that there's nothing he or the I.S.A. can do regarding the situation . Hope realizes that this month is the 30th anniversary of when Stefano began his reign of terror in Salem. Austin accidentally comes across the pregnancy test while looking for something in Carrie's purse. Lexie tells Daniel that she can sense that her body is beginning to shut down. Celeste asks Abe what he meant when he said that Stefano did something to Lexie. Rafe comes into the pub and is devastated to learn that Carrie is carrying Austin's baby. Hope and Bo wonder what they're lives would've been different if Stefano hadn't interfered in them, thinking they should still go to Italy to find out more details about the coin. Roman goes to Shane and thinks Abe is determined to take down Stefano himself and thinks he might go through with it.

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