Austin takes Carrie to the hospital to make sure she's really pregnant, they then bump into Rafe and Nicole. Will ignores a call from Sami telling E.J. he can't deal with her right now. Marlena and John surprise Lexie with some food to remind them of the weekend in New York from years ago. Carrie tells Rafe that this isn't what she wanted and was about to end her marriage to Austin. Nicole stops Daniel and Austin from going in the room and finding Carrie and Rafe together. Kate tells Sami that maybe she couldn't bring herself to believe that her son was gay, and she needs to be passionate. Will spills something to E.J. about what Stefano made him do assuming he already knew, E.J. then asks Will what he did for his father, he says he wanted Rafe to make sure that him and Sami slept together. Daniel tells Carrie that he test results are in, Austin insists on Rafe and Nicole staying.

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