Bo surprises Hope in the morning and wishes her a happy anniversary. Will is confused as to why Gabi hasn't gone to the police regarding her stalker. Chad invites Melanie to a family lunch at the DiMera mansion. Celeste gasps when Theo pulls out the death tarot card, and when he shows it to Lexie and Abe. Stefano and E.J. have a heated altercation and Lexie steps in asking them to stop before have another headache. Stefano tells Abe that he had no idea that Lexie was being held captive in the tunnels by André.Gabi continues to cause trouble for Melanie and Chad, by trying to persuade him to break up with him. Will tells Marlena that he came out to his parents, but Sami is the one that didn't take it very well. John meets up with a contact and makes a dangerous purchase, which Marlena witnesses and confronts him saying to let it go and let someone else handle it. Chad delights Stefano saying he wants to be apart of the family, but doesn't want to be like E.J., he's delighted when Melanie arrives at the house. Will tells Gabi that whatever she's planning to break up Chad and Melanie it's not going to work. Hope vows that Stefano will never come between her and Bo ever again. A photographer takes numerous pictures of Lexie with her family.

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