Agent Spencer and Rafe head to the DiMera mansion to further question E.J. Sonny tells Will that everyone is beginning to think that E.J. is the one that killed Stefano, and maybe he believes it too. Sami is furious when she learns that Carrie is pregnant and asks why she didn't want her to know. Rafe asks E.J. to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence, he asks E.J. if he in fact owns a gun. Brian asks Will if he wasn't charged with murder would've he had still reveal that he is gay. Marlena lays into Sami for abruptly treating Carrie badly when it's her life that falling apart. Brian asks Sonny if he wants to be more then friends with Will. Will goes through a drawer and finds the letter Alice wrote to Stefano saying E.J. isn't his son. Sami goes to Rafe asking him how long he knew that Carrie was pregnant.

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