Will quickly hides the letter as E.J. comes into the room, and sends him on an errand. Carrie tells Austin the reason she didn't tell Sami is that she would assume that it could be Rafe's. Nicole thanks Daniel for allowing her to spend the night. E.J. walks in and misinterprets Rafe's words about getting someone pregnant, when in fact he meant Carrie not Nicole, he then tells Rafe he is refusing to take a lie detector test. Will is in a good mood causing concern for Sonny. E.J. gets word that Will has not done what he was supposed to do. Carrie and Austin look at the photo of their baby. Sami tells Rafe that E.J. is making do things for him while he's in his employment. Will explains to E.J. he will be calling the shots from now on and that he knows the truth about him not being a DiMera.

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