Justin consoles Adrienne after telling that Jack died tonight, Julie the learns the truth. E.J. tells Sami that he feels that they should head back to Salem. Melanie and Chad are reunited, which displeases Gabi very much. Kate is still reeling after Ian's confession to murdering Stefano. Nicole tells Daniel to do the best he can to save her baby. Abigail tells Adrienne that Jack saved her life and died a hero tonight. Nicole tells Daniel that what he gave her seems to have stopped the contractions. Chad, Brady, Melanie wonder that Andrew might still be out there, they leave after they hear some more rumbling. E.J. and Sami are approached by someone and turns out to be Silvio. Kayla is devastated after knowing learning of Jack's death, Cameron wants to know where his remains were taken. Ian stops Kate before she can leave with the news, saying nobody is gonna believe her. Daniel is thrilled when he's reunited with Melanie. Nicole realizes Daniel is the man she wants after finding out E.J. jumped bail. Brady comes looking for Madison and finds Kate tells him that Madison died in the explosion tonight. Jennifer breaks down after going through Jack's personal effects. E.J. and Sami share a kiss.

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