Maggie is overjoyed when she sees Melanie is alright. Brady can't believe that Madison is gone, and finds out that Ian was with her at the end, he asks Kate what he did to her. Father Matt goes to see Nicole in the hospital, and she says that the baby she's carrying isn't E.J.'s. Roman tells Chad and Melanie that they will find Andrew and he will be brought to justice. E.J. tells Sami they need to pass the time til it's safe to go back home. Daniel tells Maggie he should've paid more attention cause he spent most of his time with Nicole. Chad asks Gabi what's wrong, she says that this thing that happened to Melanie is all her fault. E.J. gets a message from one of his contacts about information that could clear his name. John refuses to allow Kate to use Brady to exact his revenge on Ian, and to deal with him herself.Kate is pleased with Lucas's decision not protect Sami anymore. Melanie gets a patient and she and Gabi sees that it's Andrew. Nicole refuses to let Daniel end their relationship. Someone comes rattling the doorknob and Sami prepares to knock out whoever it is, and turns out to be Rafe. E.J. goes to meet with his contact and gets hit over the head.

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