Johnny comes out and asks Marlena where his mother is. Will pulls away from Sonny saying he didn't want him to kiss him. Maggie goes to see Jennifer and Abigail and tells him that Jack died the night of the explosion. Ian pulls the curtain revealing a very much alive Stefano DiMera, but E.J. thinks it's a fake. Nicole asks for Nurse Diane's help in getting herself made up for Daniel. Rafe handcuffs Sami to a chair and will wait for E.J. to come back. Maggie asks Daniel what is stopping him from calling Jennifer to check on her, Nicole overhears everything learning Jack is dead. E.J. hears as Ian foresees his claim as a DiMera, but Stefano says that he isn't one. Marlena helps Will with his true feelings. Silvio intervenes and grabs Rafe and they fight and he gets stabbed. Will goes to the java cafe and sees Sonny and Brian all friendly. Ian admits that the letter from Alice was a clever forgery, and that E.J. are in fact father and son after all.

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