Tad shows up, and tells Will he came back after reading and discovering he is gay. E.J. finds out that he's being held captive by Ian. Nicole tells Daniel that she wants to keep seeing him. Sonny tells Justin if he has heard from Will since the explosion. Melanie takes off after seeing Andrew, but he then grabs Gabi's arm keeping her from leaving. Rafe tells Sami he is here to arrest her and tells him he doesn't know where E.J. is. Tad tells Will the truth about how people talk about when he leaves the room, and doesn't want anything to do with him. Maggie goes to get Daniel after finding out from Melanie said that the person who took her is in the hospital. Andrew talks with Gabi about letting there secret out, he then dies and Chad heard the entire conversation. Ian admits to E.J. that he killed Stefano and practically set him up to take the fall. Rafe that she is the reason that they're marriage crumbled. Chad is shocked after Gabi confesses and tells her to stay away from Melanie as well as him. Sonny finds Will and is glad that he's okay, and plants a kiss on him. E.J. starts to loosen the ropes on his arms, Ian then reveals something to a stunned E.J. Rafe stops Sami as she is about to make a run for it.

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