Nick tells Maggie and Julie that Melanie isn't going to be delighted with the idea of his release. Marlena comes by and asks Will how the thing with his friend went. Brian sees that Sonny was seriously worked over. Kate visits E.J. and says she refuses to pay his bail cause of the way he used Will. Gabi encounters Tad in the town square learning he and Will got into it that lead to her and her having sex last night. Chad tells Melanie to go to the parole hearing and tell them what to deny his release. Nicole reveals her feelings to Daniel. Sonny punches Tad as retaliation and cautions him if he ever does it again. Maggie tells Nick he should do what he thinks is best for him, Julie brings up a time when Nick was attacked already and thinks he should talk to Marlena. Kate tells John her plans on going to find Stefano and make him listen to her. Nicole has a vision of what life would be if she and Daniel raised the child together. E.J. calls Chad asking for his help in getting him out of jail. Will admits to Gabi that what happened between them was him trying to convince himself he wasn't gay. Nicole encounters E.J.

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