Roman tells Sami that Rafe is the reason that the charges against Will were dropped. Abe tells Hope and Bo that Theo is one of the main reasons he is dealing with Lexie not being here. Marlena asks Nick why would he think he hasn't changed since the time he has been in prison. Melanie tells Daniel that she doesn't want to be a victim anymore. Nicole gets a warning from E.J. that if she is lying about her baby not being his there will be consequences, Rafe comes asking if he is harassing her. Maggie tells Hope that Nick is gonna have difficulty adjusting to life if or when he gets released. Rafe realizes he has lingering feelings for Sami. Daniel tells Nicole he has an idea on how to deal with E.J. Hope goes to see Nick after learning from Julie that he doesn't want the parole hearing. Melanie tells Marlena she wants to speak with Nick. Rafe overhears realizing that Sami is all alone with E.J.

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