Nick tells Abigail that part of the parole means he has to stay in Salem. Daniel welcomes Kayla back at University Hospital, she hopes that Jennifer will come back as well. Marlena tells Sami that Brady needs this job to not try and focus on losing Madison. Melanie tells Chad she can't sleep cause of Nick, and will be better when he's back east with his mother. Rafe asks Gabi what would make her quit a job she loved so much, and if Sami said something to her. Chad goes to see Nick after finding out he is gonna be staying in town and tells him to stay away from Melanie. Nicole is determined to make sure that Jennifer stays far away from Daniel. Will overhears Sonny on the phone with Brian, and up and leaves. Rafe confronts Sami about firing Gabi to stick it to him, and finds out she quit and each exchange apologies. Marlena gives Will some advice on his feelings for Sonny. Melanie is thrown when Chad asks her to marry him. Nicole hears Daniel stick up for Jennifer to a colleague.

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