Abigail apologizes to Cameron for her behavior the other night. Hope asks Maggie if Nick can stay here at the mansion. E.J. interrupts Rafe and Sami's conversation. Chad tells Melanie that he is proposing to her, assuring that it doesn't have to do with Nick. Kayla tells Jennifer that Nicole maybe living in her house but she isn't trust worthy.Cameron tells Abigail it's clearshe isn't ready to make love. E.J. invites Sami to the Green Mountain Lodge to celebrate their freedom. Melanie tells Chad that she will think it over. Rafe sees he is thinking about Sami, Lucas interjects and should've listened when he said not to get involved with her. Hope tells E.J. that some people want to meet with him. Melanie talks to Abigail about Chad's marriage proposal. Jennifer walks in as Abigail leaves a message for Cameron wanting to be with him tonight. Abe tells Kayla that he feels good about her taking Lexie's old job, and gives her something he gave to her. E.J.says that he is resigning as mayor of Salem. Melanie and Nick have a brief run in.

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