Nick overhears Abigail tell Gabi that Melanie and Chad moved up the ceremony. Jennifer tells Nicole what she is doing to and knowing that the baby she's carrying is actually E.J.'s. Daniel is shocked at Melanie when she says she will be getting married in two weeks. Will tells Sami that he has a date tonight and will tell who it is later if it goes well. Chad tells E.J. he believes that Nick arranged for him to be somewhat closer to Melanie. Will overhears Justin and Adriennevoice her opinions of him going out with Sonny. Abigail asks Gabi why she isn't helping with Melanie prepare for the wedding. Maxine invites Daniel to a party welcoming Jennifer back to the hospital, but he refuses to come. E.J. formulates a plan to ruin Rafe's career. Abigail comes home in the middle of Jennifer and Nicole's heated argument. Chad sees Gabi and Nick and remembers what E.J. told him. Sami listens to Will and hears he cancelled his date with Sonny, and admits he isn't good enough for him.

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