Chad demands that Gabi tell him what she and Nick were talking about. Kate presents to Brady an idea that Madison had, and will take pleasure in both taking Sami down. Jennifer tells Daniel she knows the truth about him lying about Nicole's baby. Sami learns that Will overheard Adrienne say some things about him. Nicole begins to work Abigail. Melanie is delighted for Sonny and his date, and wonders what is taking Chad so long. Nick steps in when Chad grabs Gabi's arm accuses her of lying. Sonny gets Will's message cancelling their date for tonight. Sami confronts Adrienne for what she said about Will, Kate comes in and she better make things right. Caroline tells Chad he's not doing any good by harassing Gabi and Nick and to stay away from him. Abigail encounters Cameron for the first time since their breakup, but he blatantly ignores her, Melanie. Chad believes that Nick and Gabi are lying to him. Daniel tells Nicole that Jennifer does know, she asks him if he is having second thoughts about the plan.

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, September 19, 2012
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