Kate informs Lucas of what Adrienne said about Will. Gabi intervenes and tells Chad to stop beating up Nick saying Melanie is with Maggie. Sami looks at the picture and asks Nicole if she is still sleeping with Rafe. Rafe and E.J. continue to exchange words. Sonny tells Will that he is not backing away from each other ever again. Rafe asks Nicole why she went so far as to photshop a picture of the two of them together. Gabi brings Nick to see Kayla, but doesn't tell her who beat him up. Maggie is delighted when Melanie tells her that she settled things with Nick. Sami goes to Marlena saying she had a brief run in with Nicole. Lucas quickly leaves after seeing Will and Sonny kiss. Gabi tells Melanie that Chad beat up Nick and says there's something she needs to her from her.

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