Maggie tells Adrienne she lied to Melanie when she she approved of her marriage, when she is doing it for the wrong reasons. Nicole has a brief dream of E.J. saying he knows the truth. Sami tells Rafe they can talk or sit down and have dinner and whatever comes next. Chad comes home seeing Melanie isn't there and wonders where she is. Melanie tells Nick if and fact he really has changed for the better. Marlena tells Will that whoever said he wasn't good enough is wrong. Nicole comes up with a clever plan and has Rafe photoshopped into a picture of her in bed with him. Billie gives E.J. a warning cause men tend to get hurt when they're around Sami. Adrienne apologizes to Sonny for what she said to Will. Nicole arrives at Sami's hoping she will see the "picture" of her and Rafe. Sonny and Will share a kiss. Chad gets violent with Nick when he sees him with a scarf that he got for Melanie.

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  • Originally Aired Friday, September 21, 2012
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