Nicole has a dream about Jennifer telling Daniel that the baby was already dead when she took that fall. Justin goes to see Jennifer telling her the good news, she says that Roman already explained to her last night. Marlena meets with a colleague and learns it's Kristen she has a meeting with. E.J. tells Sami he choose not to press charges against Daniel and Rafe for their deception in keeping his child away from him, but will make sure Jennifer pays dearly. Caroline assures Roman and Kayla she will be back better then ever. Sami lays into Rafe when he attacked E.J. even though he won't be going to jail. Daniel almost sees the article of clothing that Maxine told the nurse to put back. Bo and Hope bid their farewells and will be together again. Jennifer finds out how Daniel got Nicole to back off by agreeing to move away with her. Marlena tells Sami she must quit her job with Kristen.

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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, October 30, 2012
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