Nicole tells Brady there's not going to be a trial, he then asks her who got to her to make her change her mind. Sami tells Marlena that she can handle Kristen. Daniel blurts out to a shocked Jennifer that he still loves her. Abe wants the truth from Kayla as to how she is dealing with her mother going to get treatment. John steps in agreeing with Marlena about wanting Sami to keep her distance from Kristen, Sami wants to hear John's opinion of Kristen's motives. Kristen tells E.J. that she might have a shot with Sami, he says what exactly is in it for her. Jennifer goes to Maggie with the good news of the charges against her being dropped. Sami finds out Kristen rescheduled a meeting without her knowledge. Kristen goes to take a bath and a mystery man enters her hotel suite. E.J. goes to confront Nicole about not letting her get away it.

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