Christmas Eve in Salem! PREVIEW: The Horton family gathers for Christmas with their famous decorating tradition; Chloe and Brady make love under the Christmas tree. SUMMARY: At the Horton's, the family gathers for Christmas Eve. The Brady's arrive with armloads of gifts and are greeted by Doug and Julie, Mickey and Maggie, the Devereax trio, Will and Lucas. Hope comments on how hot it is in there and Julie says it must be 90 degrees and it's been that way for days because she doesn't think that Alice has turned off the oven. Abby squeals that Will's ate so many cookies they had to make more. Jennifer tells Lucas that she's happy that he and Will could be there, as does Julie tells Jack. Lucas and Jack are happy to be there too. Bo teases about Santa going overboard and Will mouths off about knowing WHO went overboard and tells Zack that there is Santa. Lucas assures Abby there is and asks her what she wants for Christmas. She tells him there's only one thing, to spend Christmas

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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, December 24, 2002
  • Production Code 9461
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