Christmas in Salem! PREVIEW: Philip says a final goodbye to Chloe and Salem before departing on a life-altering adventure. SUMMARY: **from** Bo, Hope and Shawn celebrate Christmas Day big for Zack because it's his first Christmas as a Brady. Belle joins them and Shawn gives her a gift: a night planned for New Year's Eve at the Salem Inn, where they plan to make love for the first time. Meanwhile, Abe and Lexie share a romantic Christmas together and exchange gifts involving the arrival of their first child. Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle and Zack all head over to the Brady Pub to be with the family and Abe and Lexie show up with a gift for Zack. Lexie waits outside, but Hope insists Lexie come in and give the present to Zack herself. It's a huge moment of forgiveness as Hope allows Lexie to see Zack and then Lexie makes the big announcement that she's pregnant... Chloe and Brady wake up under the tree after making love last night. They make love again and then go to the hosp

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  • Episode Number 33
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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, December 25, 2002
  • Production Code 9462
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