PREVIEW: John and Marlena learn the truth about John's biological father; Hope continues to have "visions" of Larry. SUMMARY: In Collin's hotel room, he looks at a photo of him and Jennifer in his wallet. He wonders why he ever let Jennifer get away, and he vows that he will not make that mistake again. He says he will have her and he won't let her go. He has fantasies about he and Jennifer making love. He looks at the picture again and thinks about his new life with her in the New Year…He is anxious to have Jennifer for himself – and to get rid of Bo and, vows to himself, to be rid of Jack as well… At the penthouse, Marlena and John are alone understanding Belle and Brady's absences, but missing them. John says he wished Sami and Will had stopped by because he wants Sami to feel comfortable there. He confides in Marlena that he still loves Sami as if she were his real daughter – and heck, for a while, he thought she was. John is very anxious because he is still waiting for Shan

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  • Episode Number 34
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  • Originally Aired Thursday, December 26, 2002
  • Production Code 9463
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