Spring fever hits klutzy Dharma, moving her to dance naked on the roof (in full view of a newscast helicopter and, hence, an appalled Kitty), carpet the apartment with live grass and enter a ballroom dancing contest at the Montgomerys' posh country club. Reluctant Greg insists they should accept that they have no chance of winning and merely enjoy themselves, but Dharma confesses to her parents that for once in her life, she's like to be competitive at all costs. Trouble is, the brunt of her aspirations is borne not by her competition but by Greg.

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  • Episode Number 21
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, April 28, 1998
  • Production Code AE20
  • Directors Gail Mancuso
  • Writers Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady
  • Guest Stars Julia Pennington, Valdas & Lilya Padriezas, Virginia Hamilton, Scott Haven, Nick Toth, Sid Youngers
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