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Foster poses as a record executive to investigate a band whose music inspires violence. - - - Quatrain 30, Century 4: "Where iron chariots are forged / The sweet youth cries revolt over a bitter melody / The poisoned song taints mind and soul / Spread by air across the land' s tears washes away ties to Rome / Fear extracts vain sacrifice until the raging pyre of the deluge is quenched." Seemed like Nostradamus' "iron chariots" might've been a reference to Detroit, Michigan & the Motor City. A mob of teen-agers had made headlines when they assaulted two officers at an underground club. With both cops listed in critical condition, parents blamed a local band called Sonic War for inciting the violence. I knew if the aliens were involved, this was about a lot more than rock-n-roll. I posed as a record company executive on the lookout for the next big thing and approached Sonic War's manager, Preston Barry.

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Name Type Role
Daniel Cerone Writer
D. Harlan Cutshall Guest Star
John McConnach Guest Star
Dean McNeill Guest Star
Jennifer Copping Guest Star
Jim Dunn Guest Star
Terry Barclay Guest Star
Yvette Narlock Guest Star
Tyler Labine Guest Star
Wezley Morris Guest Star
Peter Wilds Guest Star
Chris Wilding Guest Star
Jorge Montesi Director