Emily finds out that Nikolas is able to remember. Nikolas stars hypnotherapy. Emily listens in on his session. He remembers the hotel fire, he doesn't know that that is what it is. Mary interrupts Nikolas's session. The doctor wakes Nikolas up. Mary tells Nikolas he lied to her. Nikolas tells Mary he wants to remember. He thinks that the hotel fire has something to do with the war. Nikolas tells Mary about the fire. Mary wants him to promise her that he won't try hypnotherapy again. Jason tells Emily that she can't rush things with Nikolas's memory and that she has to be careful that Mary doesn't find out that Emily knows the truth because she might try to get Nikolas to runaway with her. Nikolas meets Emily on the pier. He realizes that he couldn't be remembering the war because he was wearing a tuxedo. Georgie tells Mac what happened with Lynn, Dillon tell him the license plate number. Lynn tries to get the PI, Frank to take her to her Grandmas house instead of her mother's. The p

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  • Originally Aired Friday, June 11, 2004
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