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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Stage 1

    • April 22, 1992

    The story begins with Ital in the care of an aging war-roid named Randis R. Khiezard. Raised from childhood by the machine, he is under the impression that a war is still going on in the world around him. Randis was once part of the imperial forces fighting against the republic, assigned to a distant outpost where he first found Ital. In a skirmish, Randis lost his old human partner and was apparently assumed destroyed. Left at his post, having no contact with the rest of the world, he raised Ital in isolation, and never heard of the end of the war.

  • S01E02 Stage 2

    • December 9, 1992

    After defeating the Beast-Master, Ital, Zaxon and Sahari travel to Metro City, where a gigantic Kampfdraken has reportedly awakened. Our heroes confidently engage the monster, only to discover that it's more than they bargained for. When the Draken is finally defeated, they discover that it is guarding a treasure, an egg containing a mysterious Elf, a synthetic human named Sakuya—the same Sakuya that the BeastMaster was searching for. But when Sakuya awakens, the mysterious General is able to set his terrible plan into motion...

  • S01E03 Stage 3

    • April 28, 1993

    Sakuya is captured by the diabolical General, who plans to use her to dominate the world—or destroy it in the attempt! Can Ital, Sahari, Fayk and Zaxon the amnesiac War-roid rescue Sakuya, defeat the General, and save Gaiarth from a fate worse than Armageddon?