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Third Strike

A burglar that Mike once put in jail fears a third strike conviction if he reports that he witnessed a murder as he lay in wait to rob an office, and he goes to Mike for help in convincing the police that the wrong man has been arrested for the crime. The detective on the case has a long-standing grudge against Mike, so he does an end run around her by enlisting Marcellus's help. When they discover that the perp is an undercover cop, they are forced to devise a plan to trap him into confessing.

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Name Type Role
George Schenck Writer
Frank Cardea Writer
Patrick F. McDade Guest Star
Paul Majors Guest Star
Donna Ryan Guest Star
James Badge Dale Guest Star
Viola Davis Guest Star
Cliff Weldon Guest Star
Shannon Burkett Guest Star
Michael Mastro Guest Star
Carol Florence Guest Star
Rick Foster Guest Star
Ethan Cadoff Guest Star
Robert Clohessy Guest Star
Kelvin Davis Guest Star
Jason Cornwell Guest Star
Frank Reynolds Guest Star
Lee Hendricks Guest Star
Fenyi Zeng Guest Star
Kristoffer Tabori Director