# Name Originally Aired Image
1 A Young Geologist Begins a New Career in Bergen, Norway 09/14/2015
2 I Love Lucy and So Does Phil 10/08/2015
3 Don't Have Money to Melbourne 09/08/2015
4 You Say Dubai and I Say Hello 08/19/2015
5 Galle City vs. Midigama Surf in Sri Lanka 08/17/2015
6 Atlanta Couple Has a 'Mexican Over Modern' Style Showdown in San Miguel de Allende 09/11/2015
7 Victoria Secret 10/02/2015
8 A Warmer Home for Mario and Linda 08/26/2015
9 Oh, De Toilette 09/09/2015
10 We Chose Valencia 08/16/2015
11 You Better Belize It 10/12/2015
12 You Only Live Once in Yangon, Myanmar 10/13/2015
13 All Their Cash Is in Coronado 09/17/2015


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