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Season 3

  • S03E06 Details Unknown

    • February 10, 1954
    • CBS

    Includes "My wife and I had our 25th child last week."

  • S03E16 Chico Marx

    • April 21, 1954
    • CBS

    Polly Bergen fills in for Faye. First contestant is one of Ava Gardner's sisters. Chico appears disguised as Harpo.

  • S03E18 Details Unknown

    • May 5, 1954
    • CBS

    A clip from this episode (Earl Wilson) is shown in the fourth anniversary episode of 6/13/56.

  • S03E22 Audrey Meadows

    • June 2, 1954
    • CBS

    Laraine Day fills in for Faye.

  • S03E23 Janet Leigh

    • June 9, 1954
    • CBS
  • S03E25 Details Unknown

    • June 23, 1954
    • CBS

    A clip from this episode (Louise Gordon) is shown in the sixth anniversary episode of 6/18/58.

  • S03E27 Alan Mowbray

    • July 7, 1954
    • CBS

    Laraine Day fills in for Faye.

  • S03E28 Morgan the Dog

    • July 14, 1954
    • CBS
  • S03E29 Helen Kane

    • July 21, 1954
    • CBS
  • S03E31 Maxie Rosenbloom

    • August 4, 1954
    • CBS

    Laraine Day fills in for Faye.

  • S03E32 Chester Morris

    • August 11, 1954
    • CBS

    Laraine Day fills in for Faye.

  • S03E33 Robert Q. Lewis

    • August 18, 1954
    • CBS

    Laraine Day fills in for Faye.

  • S03E34 Charles Coburn

    • August 25, 1954
    • CBS
  • S03E36 Dennis O'Keefe

    • September 8, 1954
    • CBS
  • S03E38 Emmett Kelly

    • September 22, 1954
    • CBS
  • S03E41 Boris Karloff

    • October 13, 1954
    • CBS

    1.Faye get 20 pounds of sugar cane to chew on. 2. "I'm the doctor who brought Faye Emerson into the world." 3. "Each of us won an Olympic championship for the USA." 4. Guest Boris Karloff: Screaming contest. The blindfolded panel have to figure out what's going on.

  • S03E43 Mischa Elman

    • October 27, 1954
    • CBS

  • S03E46 Details Unknown

    • November 17, 1954
    • CBS

    "Panel had to test weight-reducing machines."

  • S03E48 Details Unknown

    • December 1, 1954
    • CBS

    A clip from this episode (Inspector Fabian) is shown in the fourth anniversary episode of 6/13/56.

  • S03E51 No Celebrity

    • December 22, 1954
    • CBS
  • S03E52 Peter Lorre

    • December 29, 1954
    • CBS

Season 4

Season 5

  • S05E01 Arthur Treacher

    • January 4, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E02 Cyril Ritchard

    • January 11, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E03 Details Unknown

    • January 18, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E04 Ernest Borgnine

    • January 25, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E06 Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball

    • February 8, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I built the chairs that the panel sits on.." 2. "I saw John Wilkes Booth shoot Abraham Lincoln." 3. Guest Desi Arnaz: All three regular panelists, who are in on the joke, disqualify themselves, leaving Lucy to guess the answer.

  • S05E07 Dennis O'Keefe

    • February 15, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E08 Gregory Ratoff

    • February 22, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I was just brought in off the street by Garry Moore." 2. "My parachute failed to open." … "I caught him in mid-air." 3. Guest Gregory Ratoff: Responds to questions in the manner of a director, writer, producer, and actor.

  • S05E09 Basil Rathbone

    • February 29, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E10 Farley Granger

    • March 7, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E11 Brian Donlevy

    • March 14, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E12 Phil Silvers Show cast

    • March 21, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E13 Easter Special

    • March 28, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "Jayne and Faye have bees in their bonnets." 2. "I have the world's largest Easter bunny." 3. Goat eats a Winston cigarette. 4. "I have a horse who can roller skate." 5. "I kissed Winston Churchill." 6. 100 rabbits donated to the National Boys' Club of America.

  • S05E14 William Bendix

    • April 4, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E16 Emmett Kelly

    • April 18, 1956
    • CBS

    1. Guest Emmett Kelly: Looking for a needle in a haystack. The panel must hold their noses so as not to detect the presence of hay. 3. Six members of the same Dutch-Canadian family all are going to get married in a single ceremony.

  • S05E19 Jackie Cooper

    • May 9, 1956
    • CBS

    1. Delivered more than 5,000 babies. 2. Founder of Fuller Brush Company. 3. Guest Jackie Cooper: A stenographer is backstage recording the entire segment.

  • S05E20 Jimmy Durante

    • May 16, 1956
    • CBS

    1. Colonial color guard. 2. Performance by Third Infantry Regiment old guard drill team. 3. "We made the first bombing raid over Tokyo in World War II." 4. "I said, 'Sighted sub, sank same'" 5. Fooled the Japanese into thinking a Scottish regiment was approaching. 6. Guest Jimmy Durante: Teams with Garry to perform a tongue-twister comedy routine.

  • S05E21 Details Unknown

    • May 23, 1956
    • CBS
  • S05E23 Marguerite Piazza

    • June 6, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I was married by trans-Atlantic telephone … I haven't seen my husband since." 2. "I own this theatre." 3. Guest Marguerite Piazza: The panel have to sing their questions. "I'm wearing earplugs."

  • S05E24 Fourth Anniversary Show

    • June 13, 1956
    • CBS

    This anniversary show includes many excerpts from early episodes not otherwise available.

  • S05E30 Sheree North

    • July 25, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I play 5 musical instruments at the same time." 2. "I am a direct descendant of Lady Godiva." 3. Guest Sheree North: Covers Don with sand.

  • S05E32 David Wayne

    • August 8, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "My daughter was born while I was watching 'I've Got a Secret.'" 2. "I'm going to play the organ at both political conventions." 3. Guest David Wayne: Mock political convention is held with lots of confetti. The panel don't know they're campaigning to see who has to clean up the mess.

  • S05E36 Ann Sheridan

    • September 5, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I waited on Garry Moore's table during his vacation … and he forgot to leave me a tip." 2. "Somebody stole my watchdog" 3. Guest Ann Sheridan: "I'm sending Henry Morgan to Africa tomorrow … and he doesn't know a thing about it."

  • S05E37 Details Unknown

    • September 12, 1956
    • CBS

    The panel had to milk a cow. A clip is shown in Jayne's farewell tribute of 11/5/58, and the segment is mentioned again on 12/2/59.

  • S05E40 Paul Newman

    • October 3, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I am holding my breath." 2. "I give Jack Benny violin lessons." 3. Guest Paul Newman: "I sold Henry Morgan a hot dog at the World Series today … and he doesn't know it."

  • S05E41 Orson Welles

    • October 10, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I lost 433 pounds." 2. Guest Orson Welles: Has predicted upcoming presidential election and sealed his predictions in an envelope.

  • S05E43 Don Ameche

    • October 24, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I married 49 couples by mistake." 2. "I discovered the planet Pluto" 3. Guest Don Ameche: The "secret" is from cards from the home version. "I'm a baldheaded garbageman who stands on his head while taking a shower."

  • S05E44 Bud Collyer

    • October 31, 1956
    • CBS

    Panel are seated next to look-alike pumpkins 2. "I cut Steve Allen's throat … while shaving him." 3. Guest Bud Collyer: Tries out potential new "Beat the Clock" stunts. 4. What frightens you most?

  • S05E45 Robert Young

    • November 14, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to conduct Toscanini's orchestra in Carnegie Hall." 2. "I gave Elvis Presley a haircut." 3. Guest Robert Young: The entire contents of Faye's dining room have been transported backstage for a farewell party.

  • S05E48 Art Linkletter

    • December 5, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I have 2 full-grown horses in this box." 2. "I've been a bridesmaid 17 times … but never a bride." 3. Guest Art Linkletter: Laments the underappreciation of Bill and takes up a collection for him from the audience.

  • S05E49 Junk

    • December 12, 1956
    • CBS

    Following Art Linkletter's "collection drive" last week, this episode is devoted to the junk sent in by the home audience. Postal employees sing "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" and "Deck the Halls."

  • S05E50 Vincent Price

    • December 19, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I just picked the pockets of the audience." 2. "I won 2 gold medals at the Olympic Games in Australia." 3. Guest Vincent Price: Christmas cards from celebrities are shown and the panel have to guess who sent them.

  • S05E51 Faye Emerson

    • December 26, 1956
    • CBS

    1. "I've been struck by lightning 8 times." 2. Guest Faye Emerson: The panel "takes revenge" on Garry for the past year's actions.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Howard Duff, Ida Lupino

    • January 2, 1957
    • CBS

    1. Mrs. Ivy Ivy, Dallas TX: "I have poison ivy." 2. Guests Howard Duff and Ida Lupino: After each question, the couple break some goofy law selected from the book "It's the Law." 3. Tom Athridge, Glen Cove NY: "I shot myself down (in a U.S. Navy jet plane)."

  • S06E02 Joe E. Brown, Jackie Robinson

    • January 9, 1957
    • CBS

    1. Henry received 1,500 job offers in response to last week's plea for honest work. 2. Frances Haskett, NYC: "I taught Grace Kelly how to change diapers." 3. Guest Joe E. Brown: "I'm inhaling helium." 4. Q&A session with Jackie Robinson.

  • S06E03 Peter Lawford

    • January 16, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "My husband took Jayne Meadows to her high school senior prom." 2. "I am going to draft Elvis Presley." 3. Guest Peter Lawford: The desk is removed to reveal his and Hal's full bodies. Any time a panelist asks a question longer than 10 words, they change their leg positions.

  • S06E05 George Gobel

    • January 30, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I delivered the only baby gorilla ever born in captivity." 2. "I'm changing Jayne's hairstyle every 45 seconds." 3. Guest George Gobel: Is having his answers fed to him through an earphone. He and Garry both wear ski caps.

  • S06E07 Rocky Graziano

    • February 13, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "My father is the Governor … of California." 2. "I grew the biggest lemon in the world." 3. Guest Rocky Graziano: "I'm choosing the 1957 Florida Citrus Queen."

  • S06E08 Tab Hunter

    • February 20, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the youngest member of the United States Congress." 2. "We're all world badminton champions." 3. Guest Tab Hunter: "I'm giving Bill Cullen a sun lamp treatment." 4. What is the best thing you've ever seen on television?

  • S06E10 Details Unknown

    • March 6, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E14 Laraine Day

    • April 3, 1957
    • CBS

    1. Betsy, a chimp: "I sold $1500 worth of pictures I've painted." 2. "I appeared on the first television broadcast in history." 3. Guest Laraine Day: Pretends to argue with Garry over their answers to the questions. 4. Question of the week: What is the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite sex?

  • S06E17 Mickey Rooney

    • April 24, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "We play jazz together in a Dixieland band." 2. "I'm the tallest man in the U.S." 3. Guest Mickey Rooney: Imitates baby pictures that are being projected behind the panel.

  • S06E23 Eddie Cantor

    • June 5, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E25 Fifth Anniversary Show

    • June 19, 1957
    • CBS

    1.Studio supervisor: "I auditioned Bing Crosby and told him he couldn't sing." 2. Usher, sings a duet with Jayne. 3. Lighting tech does a magic act. 4. Usher, cameraman; and researcher all dance. 5.Stage manager,performs Marc Antony from "Julius Caesar." 6. Electrician, sings.

  • S06E26 Lou Costello

    • June 26, 1957
    • CBS

    1. Garry reads postcards from "I would marry Henry Morgan because…" contest. 2. "I've delivered 360 babies." 3. "I can tear the Los Angeles telephone book in half." 4. Guest Lou Costello: Imitates photos of fashion models being projected behind the panel.

  • S06E27 Buster Keaton

    • July 3, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I have 10 live snakes concealed on me." 2. "I invented electronic television." 3. Guest Buster Keaton: "I'm going to judge the panel in a pie-eating contest."

  • S06E29 Don Ameche

    • July 17, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E30 Gypsy Rose Lee

    • July 24, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "We're all expectant fathers." 2. "I sang the first singing telegram." 3. Guest Gypsy Rose Lee: "My dress weighs 28 pounds."

  • S06E31 Salute to Radio

    • July 31, 1957
    • CBS

    Salute to radio.

  • S06E32 Ricardo Montalban

    • August 7, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the world champion woodchopper." 2. "I delivered diapers to Hal March's home today." 3. Guest Ricardo Montalban: Acts out American idioms.

  • S06E33 Ben Blue

    • August 14, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E34 Marilyn Maxwell

    • August 21, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E35 No Celebrity

    • August 28, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E36 Hal March

    • September 4, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "All of us beat Garry Moore in a sailing race this summer." 2. "My fire engine burned up." 3. Guest Hal March: Garry tries to guess the celebrity guest secrets that were done while he was on vacation.

  • S06E38 Tony Randall

    • September 18, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to marry one of the cameramen on this show" 2. "I'm the youngest professional golfer in the world." 3. Guest Tony Randall: While the blindfolded panel try to guess what's going on, he and Garry both romance various females.

  • S06E39 Reginald Gardiner

    • September 25, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E40 Mickey Rooney

    • October 2, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I slept in a Pullman berth with a hippopotamus." 2. "I scored the first run in the 1957 World Series" 3. Guest Mickey Rooney: Mimics Zip the chimp.

  • S06E41 Jerry Colonna

    • October 9, 1957
    • CBS

    1. Henry calls vacationing Garry. 2. Broderick Crawford "I'm watching my own TV show on another channel." 3. "I was the winning pitcher for the Yankees in today's World Series game." 4. Guest Jerry Colonna: Draws a mustache on Henry while the panel are blindfolded. 5.No one expected the secrets to be guessed, so panel has to ad lib for seven minutes.

  • S06E42 50th Anniversary of Hollywood

    • October 16, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I was the first pianist in the first silent movie theater." 2. "I was Rudolph Valentino's leading lady." 3. Clips of love scenes are shown followed by a trivia question. 4. Clips from Oscar-winning films.

  • S06E43 Diana Dors

    • October 23, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I was Faye Emerson's singing voice in a movie" 2. "We are all archery champions." 3. Guest Diana Dors: A game of spin the bottle is played.

  • S06E44 Dennis Day

    • October 30, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I have two sisters on the panel." 2. "My electronic garage door opened every time Sputnik flew over." 3. Guest Dennis Day: Changes into six different Halloween costumes.

  • S06E46 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

    • November 13, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E47 Margaret Hamilton, Nanette Fabray

    • November 20, 1957
    • CBS

    Tribute to the movies.

  • S06E48 Joe E. Brown

    • November 27, 1957
    • CBS
  • S06E49 Rudy Vallee

    • December 4, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "I have a rocket in my pocket." 2. "I'm talking double-talk and so is my interpreter." 3. Guest Rudy Vallee: Doodles done by the panel during past shows have been analyzed by a psychologist.

  • S06E50 Fernando Lamas

    • December 11, 1957
    • CBS

    1. John John, Patrick Patrick, and Thomas Thomas: "We live in Walla Walla." 2. "We flew a plane for 6 weeks without landing." 3. Guest Fernando Lamas: Eats fortune cookies while Garry works the fortune into the answer to each question.

  • S06E51 Farley Granger

    • December 18, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "Henry Morgan has owed me $2.00 for 26 years." 2. "I have the very first Social Security number (001-01-0001)." 3. Guest Farley Granger: "I delivered diapers to Jayne's apartment today."

  • S06E52 Children of Program Staff

    • December 25, 1957
    • CBS

    1. "My grandfather is seeing me for the first time tonight." 2. "My godmother is Faye Emerson and my godfather is Henry Morgan." 3. "We just served the panel a mince pie baked in 1876." 5. Guess which celebrity sent this Christmas card.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Tyrone Power

    • January 1, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "We're going to have our pigtails cut off tonight." 2. "I made a 62-yard run in the Rose Bowl Game, but I ran the wrong way." 3. Guest Tyrone Power: Garry "teaches" him how to act more glamorous.

  • S07E02 Richard Boone

    • January 8, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "We drove here from Argentina in a 1918 Chevy." 2. "I won a hair dryer in a bingo game." 3. Guest Richard Boone: "I'm going to challenge Henry Morgan to a gunfight."

  • S07E03 Miiko Taka

    • January 15, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I've eaten a peanut butter sandwich for lunch every day for 36 years." 2. Guest Miiko Taka: Blindfolded panel must guess that she is serving Henry tea, but misled by a jujitsu demonstration at the same time. 3. "We thought up 129 ways for a single girl to catch a husband."

  • S07E04 Martha Raye

    • January 22, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I led 25 Hungarians through the Iron Curtain to freedom." 2. "Betsy Palmer was our babysitter in 1946." 3. Guest Martha Raye: While the panel are blindfolded, a real butcher, baker, grocer, and clerk perform their regular work.

  • S07E05 Elsa Maxwell

    • January 29, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "My nose is exactly the same length as Jimmy Durante's by actual measurement." 2. "I've gone higher into space than any other human being." 3. Guest Elsa Maxwell: Garry and Maxwell enjoy stuffed pheasant under glass, whereas the panel have been served food from each other's refrigerators.

  • S07E06 Hoagy Carmichael

    • February 5, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "We each pulled a tooth for the first time today." 2. "I have 2 sets of triplets." 3. Guest Hoagy Carmichael: His answers are the lyrics to a new song that he is making up on the spot.

  • S07E09 Celebrity Relatives

    • February 26, 1958
    • CBS

    All contestants are relatives of celebrities, and the panel must guess the relationship.

  • S07E10 Patrice Munsel

    • March 5, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "We live on Easy Street." 2. Contestant is standing on his head. 3. Guest Patrice Munsel: Both the questions and answers must be sung in an operatic style. Music critic reviews their singing.

  • S07E11 Pat Boone

    • March 12, 1958
    • CBS

    1. Betsy appears via remote. 2. St. Bernard conceals a Chihuahua in the keg around his neck. 3. Air Force captain must salute his mother-in-law, an Army major. 4. Guest Pat Boone: As a way of promoting physical fitness, the panel have to do exercises while asking their questions.

  • S07E12 Arthur Godfrey

    • March 19, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I fired our Vanguard rocket Monday morning." 2. "I shot a bear 14½ feet tall" 3. "No-Talent Scouts": panelists sing.

  • S07E13 Teenage Show

    • March 26, 1958
    • CBS

    Special "teenage" show. Teenagers display their achievements. Carol Lynley, Bobby Fischer, Paul Anka, and Oscar Robertson (among others) appear.

  • S07E14 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

    • April 2, 1958
    • CBS

    1. Income tax figured out in 22 seconds. 2. Had an atomic bomb (with a safety device) smash into their house. 3. Guest Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Joined by four other people, one of whom laughs in response to every question in observance of National Laugh Week.

  • S07E15 Laraine Day

    • April 9, 1958
    • CBS

    Show has new set. 1. "I once had a blind date with Jayne Meadows." 2. "I'm going to cut a $250,000 diamond tonight." 3. Guest Laraine Day: "My dress was made from the old 'I've Got a Secret' scenery." 4. Anyone who can prove their name is "Gertie O'Cavets" can have the letters from the old set.

  • S07E16 Cornel Wilde

    • April 16, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "This string is 997 miles long." 2. "I invented elevated shoes." 3. Guest Cornel Wilde: Does the old magician's trick of sticking swords through a box, which in this case has Garry in it.

  • S07E18 Louis Armstrong

    • April 30, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I talked for 26 hours and 1 minute without stopping." 2. "I have a live buffalo at the end of this leash." 3."I've Got a Secret Family Album." 4. Louis Armstrong and the Dukes of Dixieland are on hand for the special "All Star Jazz Show."

  • S07E19 Phil Silvers

    • May 7, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I write an 'Advice to the Lovelorn' column" 2. "My great-great-grandfather started the Mutiny on the Bounty." 3. Guest Phil Silvers: Prompts each member of the panel to respond in a certain way whenever he sends a different secret signal.

  • S07E20 Armed Forces Week

    • May 14, 1958
    • CBS

    Salute to Armed Forces Week.

  • S07E21 Ann B. Davis

    • May 21, 1958
    • CBS

    1.Ten champion supermarket checkers from the U.S. and Canada 2. "I'm going to grow 4 inches taller." 3. "I have 10 sons … and they're all ministers." 4. Guest Ann B. Davis: She and Henry roller skate about the stage, apparently disappearing and reappearing from behind the curtain. 5. What are you going to do this summer?

  • S07E23 Dana Andrews

    • June 4, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "During my wedding ceremony … my husband fainted … ." 2. "I introduced Bill Cullen to his wife." 3. "We were married before we ever met." 4. Guest Dana Andrews: All answers, regardless of the question, are chosen from ones written on cards by women in answer to the question of what they would say if Henry were to propose to them.

  • S07E24 Tony Curtis

    • June 11, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "We have 17 children." 2. "We graduated from high school together last week." 3. Guest Tony Curtis: Everyone waxes nostalgic over various childhood games before Curtis finally offers a secret: "I'm about to become a father."

  • S07E25 Sixth Anniversary Show

    • June 18, 1958
    • CBS

    Sixth anniversary show.

  • S07E26 Olivia de Havilland

    • June 25, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I make out the panel's paychecks." 2. Guest Olivia de Havilland: Wearing jewelry made from the diamond that was cut on the show. 3. "We're meeting our blind dates on this stage tonight."

  • S07E27 Art Carney

    • July 2, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "My father is a U.S. Senator-elect from the 49th state." 2. "I have the world's safest automobile backstage." 3. Guest Art Carney: After each question, does a requested action chosen at random from cards filled out by the audience.

  • S07E28 Arlene Dahl

    • July 9, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I am Elvis Presley's grandfather." 2. Guest Arlene Dahl: Leadis the blindfolded panel back to their seats, while Garry tries to cover up by pretending to converse with Dahl back at the desk. 3. "I'm going to give Jayne Meadows her typhoid shot tonight for her European trip … and she doesn't know it."

  • S07E29 Keenan Wynn

    • July 16, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I am going to lift a 205-pound weight … to set a new world's record." 2. "I drove an automobile around the world … fifty years ago." 3. Guest Keenan Wynn: "I'm going to judge the panel's acting … and give the winner a part in my new movie."

  • S07E30 Steve Lawrence

    • July 23, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I'm memorizing the names and faces of the people in the studio audience." 2. "I built a 6-room house by myself." 3. Guest Steve Lawrence: Memory expert Lorayne forgot his name. The blindfolded panel are dismissed from the show one at a time, without the remaining panelists knowing they are gone.

  • S07E31 Margaret O'Brien

    • July 30, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to meet Betsy Palmer for the first time tonight." 2. "My squirrel has her own mink coat." 3. Guest Margaret O'Brien: All questions and answers must be spoken while crying. "I'm crying because I have an onion in my handkerchief."

  • S07E33 Fernando Lamas

    • August 13, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I designed the new 4¢ postage stamp", "I designed the new 7¢ air mail stamp." 2. "I stayed underwater continuously for 31 hours and 10 minutes." 3. Guest Fernando Lamas: Who is more observant, men or women. They are tested on how much they remember about Lamas's appearance.

  • S07E34 Bob Crosby

    • August 20, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I ran in a race against a horse … I won!" 2. Guest Bob Crosby: Each panelist sings a specific note before questioning. When played back, they form the first 10 notes of the Winston jingle. 3. "We're all taxicab drivers … Each of us drove a panelist to this studio tonight."

  • S07E35 Louis Nye, Don Knotts, Tom Poston

    • September 3, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to teach the panel how to spin the Hula Hoop." 2. "I was Kathern's high school English teacher last year … I taught her mother in 1931 … I taught her grandmother in 1911." 3. Guests Louis Nye, Don Knotts, Tom Poston: The blindfolded panel must guess that the three men are dancing with three women chosen from the audience.

  • S07E36 Durward Kirby

    • September 10, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I sailed across the Pacific on a raft." 2. Guest Durward Kirby: "I'm singing in Betsy Palmer's bathtub." 3. "I have 38 animals living with me in my house."

  • S07E37 Mickey Rooney

    • September 17, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I'm about to become a grandmother." 2. "I built an atom smasher in my house." 3.Guest Mickey Rooney: Has to elicit a laugh from the audience before answering a question.

  • S07E38 Art Linkletter

    • September 24, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "My hair is more than 6 feet long." 2. "I am the only girl in a boys' school", "I am the only boy in a girls' school" 3. Guest Art Linkletter: All three players answer each question and all of their answers are numbers. They are guessing how much cash the questioning panelist is carrying.

  • S07E39 Roy Rogers

    • October 1, 1958
    • CBS

    1. Granddaughter of Sitting Bull. 2. Related to Gen. Custer. 3. "I teach movie cowboys how to draw and shoot." 4. Related to Geronimo. 5. "I'm Henry Morgan's second cousin (and he doesn't know it)." 6.Guest Roy Rogers: "I challenge the panel to a horse race … on hobby horses."

  • S07E40 William Bendix

    • October 8, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I won first prize in a cooking contest (against 4,000 women)." 2. "I have a full-size [inflatable] airplane in this box (with propeller and motor)." 3.Guest William Bendix: During the questioning, Bendix acts out "The Life of Riley"; that is, he acts out each person's occupation.

  • S07E41 Sam Levenson

    • October 15, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "We are the children of the 'What's My Line' panel." 2. "My father is Dana Andrews." 3. "My father is William Bendix; my father is Harold Lloyd." 4.Guest Sam Levenson: "We are Sam Levenson's brothers."

  • S07E43 Arnold Stang

    • October 29, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "Somebody stole my burglar alarm." 2. "My pumpkin is being lit by an electric eel." 3. Guest Arnold Stang: He and Garry disguised as ghosts with bedsheets over their heads. The secret is that the sheets are borrowed from Henry's bed.

  • S07E44 Walter Slezak

    • November 5, 1958
    • CBS

    1. First female member of the U.S. Congress. 2. Guest Walter Slezak: The panel were filmed in the soundproof room without their knowledge with the camera concealed behind a one-way mirror. 3.This is Jayne Meadows' last episode as a regular panelist, so a retrospective is shown.

  • S07E45 Peter Lind Hayes

    • November 12, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I'm taking my final test for barber college." 2. "My grandfather was President of the United States." 3. Guest Peter Lind Hayes: Each question is answered with a joke that Bill wrote (or stole) for radio 10-15 years ago.

  • S07E48 Pat Boone

    • December 3, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I have an 8-foot alligator on the end of this rope … I'm going to wrestle with it … Garry is going to help me." 2. "I've entered more than 5,000 contests … " 3. Guest Pat Boone: Sings with the panel accompanying him on toy instruments.

  • S07E49 Jackie Cooper

    • December 10, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "This lady saved our lives during World War II … and helped save the lives of 175 other soldiers." 2. "I trapped the furs I'm wearing." 3.Guest Jackie Cooper: The blindfolded panel's questions are answered with the captions to cartoons that are being projected.

  • S07E50 Arthur Godfrey

    • December 17, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I fought Jersey Joe Walcott in 1936/1950." 2. "We're all having our tonsils out tomorrow." 3. Guest Arthur Godfrey: The panel are tested on how well they remember how to do their former jobs.

  • S07E51 Meredith Willson

    • December 24, 1958
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to play a Christmas carol on this electronic brain." 2. "My name is Merry Christmas." 3. Guest Meredith Willson: "I wrote the new Salvation Army theme song" 4.Everyone (including the audience) closes the show singing Christmas carols.

Season 8

  • S08E01 Sal Mineo

    • January 7, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to lift Garry up in the air on this wire … with one drop of glue." 2. "I became a U.S. Senate page boy today." 3. Guest Sal Mineo: He and the panel are provided with separate drum sets that they play during the questioning.

  • S08E02 Andy Griffith

    • January 14, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We're the first to try to fly the Atlantic Ocean in a balloon." 2. "I'm going to inflate an automobile inner tube until it explodes … with my mouth." Eventually he succeeds, but the stunt takes up the rest of the episode, preempting the guest segment. 3. Guest Andy Griffith: Does not do his secret because everyoneis fascinated by watching Jack Moseley blow up the inner tube.

  • S08E03 Dana Wynter

    • January 21, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I have a troupe of trained fleas at the end of this rope." 2. "I was born Jan. 22, 1947/1949/1951/1953 … " 3. Guest Dana Wynter: While panel is blindfolded, makes herself up to look 80 years old.

  • S08E05 Jayne Meadows

    • February 4, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I was born in Macy's/Gimbels Department Store." 2. Toy poodle who will compete in the Westminster Show. 3. Guest Jayne: Changes her costume behind a dressing screen while the questioning is going on. "I'm giving Henry Morgan a part in the second act of my play … tonight." 4. "We are the finalists in the U.S. baton twirling contest … We will compete for the grand championship tonight."

  • S08E06 Rocky Graziano

    • February 11, 1959
    • CBS

    1. Toy poodle: "I can ride a scooter." 2. "I am a one-man band … I was the first amateur on the first 'Major Bowes' Amateur Hour'." 3. Guest Rocky Graziano: Wears a Boy Scout uniform in honor of Boy Scout Week. Garry then also changes into a uniform, and the two compete for a Tenderfoot badge.

  • S08E07 Bob Cummings

    • February 18, 1959
    • CBS

    Details unknown.

  • S08E08 Dick Powell

    • February 25, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I costarred in a play with Garry Moore … he played my mother." 2. "These rocks are worth 2 million dollars." 3. Guest Dick Powell: Scheduled a party at his home on the night this show airs (it is being taped. He and the cast perform for the amusement of the guests at his party that night.

  • S08E09 Martha Raye

    • March 4, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We [models] are mother and daughter." 2. "I'm listed in 'Who's Who of American Women' …" 3. "I fly an airplane that I built myself … I built it in my house." 4. Guest Martha Raye: Performs wifely services for the blindfolded Henry that a man otherwise would have to pay for.

  • S08E10 Andy Griffith

    • March 11, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We were all brought into the world by Betsy Palmer's husband." 2. "I'm going to drive a golf ball through a 600-page telephone book." 3. Guest Andy Griffith: Responds to each question in the manner of a different animal.

  • S08E11 David Wayne

    • March 18, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to clean this glass with sound waves." 2. "I was the original Lone Ranger on radio." 3. Guest David Wayne: Answers questions with quotes from actual conversations overheard while he was in disguise among the audience standing in line before the show.

  • S08E12 Julius LaRosa

    • March 25, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We discovered a way to hatch Easter chicks … in different colors." 2. "The Wright Brothers taught me to fly." 3. Guest Julius LaRosa: He and Garry borrow items from the audience and then incorporate those items into "hats" that they are making for Betsy and Bess.

  • S08E13 Jane Powell

    • April 1, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I scored the winning basket for the opposing team." 2. "I dived into an empty swimming pool." 3. "I fell asleep listening to my own sermon." 4. Guest Jane Powell: "I'm wearing 4 dresses" The April Fool's joke is that there is a fifth dress underneath. 5. "I won a pizza pie making contest … and I'm going to teach the panel how to toss them."

  • S08E14 Hugh O'Brian

    • April 8, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We were all born in cars on the Garden State Parkway." 2. "We went swimming under the polar ice cap." 3. Guest Hugh O'Brian: Performs services for the blindfolded panel by remote control with American Machine and Foundry Company's Master Slave Manipulator.

  • S08E15 Vincent Price

    • April 15, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We learned to play these instruments by watching a television class." 2.Teddy the tortoise: "I was captured by Theodore Roosevelt." 3. Guest Vincent Price: Reads humorous captions to famous artworks being projected.

  • S08E16 Jeanne Crain

    • April 22, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to lift the entire panel on my back." 2. Guest Jeanne Crain: Brought every kind of chair it could find on stage, giving all the standees in the audience a place to sit and watch the show. 3. "I'm talking to the TV cameramen on this phone … I'm directing this show tonight."

  • S08E17 Don McNeill

    • April 29, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "My police force is challenging his police force to a tug-of-war … and we're going to have a test match tonight." 2. "I taught Arthur Murray how to dance." 3. Guest Don McNeill: Drops eggs from an elevated chair onto an foam mat. As the eggs bounce, Garry and the panelists have to catch them. 4. Garry explains why he wore an overcoat.

  • S08E18 Jack Lemmon

    • May 6, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We finally had a baby sister last week." 2. "I was Elvis Presley's platoon sergeant." 3. Guest Jack Lemmon: Arrives with Miss American Bicycle Month. After each question, he brings out a representative for some other special month or week.

  • S08E19 No Celebrity

    • May 13, 1959
    • CBS

    1. Doris Day was ill, so they found child named Doris Day. 2. "My son will fight Floyd Patterson next month … for the heavyweight championship of the world." 3. Panel's microphones are hooked up to electric trains that move in response to their voices. 4. "I'm going to put Garry Moore inside a soap bubble."

  • S08E20 Charles Coburn

    • May 20, 1959
    • CBS

    No details available.

  • S08E21 Craig Stevens

    • May 27, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We used to play in a musical trio with Bess Myerson … Bess is our sister." 2. "I was born in a lifeboat on the high seas." 3. Guest Craig Stevens: "I'm going to test the panel's powers of observation."

  • S08E23 Jayne Meadows

    • June 10, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to hold the blowtorch under this chair … while Garry Moore is sitting in it." 2. "This is the very first television set ever built." 3.Guest Jayne Meadows: Before the show began, a bogus technical delay was announced. Those two minutes were videotaped, and now the panel have to watch what they did during that time.

  • S08E24 Seventh Anniversary Show

    • June 17, 1959
    • CBS

    1.Garry conducts a tour around the theater. 2. Electrician: "I'm going to play my 1-string fiddle." 3. Usher: "I'm going to sing a duet with Betsy Palmer." 4. TelePrompter operator and makeup artist: "We're going to costar in a dramatic scene … written for us by Bill and Henry." 5. Spotlight operator sings. 6. Birthday cake.

  • S08E25 Joan Bennett

    • June 24, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I drove the first car ever built in Detroit." 2. "We are twins." 3. Guest Joan Bennett: Before going backstage, panels' personal objects are left. The objects then are hidden. To find them, the panel must call someone they think might be watching.

  • S08E26 Monique Van Vooren

    • July 1, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I pitched a no-hit game against his team … But my team won the game." 2. "I'm floating on air." 3. Guest Monique Van Vooren: Has a tiny wrapped box that contains Brigitte Bardot's bathing suit.

  • S08E27 Walter Brennan

    • July 8, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "This is my third appearance on 'I've Got a Secret' … The first time was when my 25th child was born … The second time was when my 26th child was born … We've done it again!" 2. "The State Department is sending me to Russia to model American fashions." 3. Guest Walter Brennan: "I'm going to answer every third question the panel asks."

  • S08E28 Imogene Coca

    • July 15, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I was a contestant on 'I've Got a Secret' in Japan""I'm the only American to hold a high degree in the Japanese art of swordsmanship." 2. "I led the gang in the 'Our Gang' comedy movies." 3.Guest Imogene Coca: Imitate photos of the panel that are being projected behind them.

  • S08E29 Tab Hunter

    • July 22, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to let electricity pass through my body … one million volts." 2. "I'm a house mover … I moved the wrong house by mistake." 3. Guest Tab Hunter: Planned a Western scene, but has a dislocated shoulder, so Garry acts as his stunt double.

  • S08E30 Ginger Rogers

    • July 29, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We built the furniture in our 8-room house for $195." 2. "We just graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis." 3. Guest Ginger Rogers: The panel are tested against statements attributed to them in the press.

  • S08E31 Red Buttons

    • August 5, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm wearing a wig … I lost a bet and had to shave my head." 2. "We're both sergeants in the Army." 3. Guest Red Buttons: Audience submitted jokes on cards. People who submitted the jokes, deliver them on stage, competing for a cash prize as determined by an applause meter.

  • S08E32 Hermione Gingold

    • August 12, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm bouncing my answers off the moon … by radar." 2. "I'm a college student." 3. Guest Hermione Gingold: "Henry Morgan made a blind date for tonight … he doesn't know it, but it's with me!"

  • S08E33 Johnny Carson

    • August 19, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We play symphonic music on pop bottles." 2. "I wove the material for all the clothes I'm wearing." 3. Guest Johnny Carson: "I'm going to knock an apple off Garry Moore's head … with my bow and arrow."

  • S08E34 Rocky Graziano

    • August 26, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We're not married to each other … I'm married to his identical twin brother … I'm married to her identical twin sister." 2 "I made the longest parachute jump in history." 3. Guest Rocky Graziano: The panel are confronted with questions they have themselves asked contestants while each was a quizmaster.

  • S08E35 Arthur Treacher

    • September 2, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I drilled the first oil gusher in history." 2. "We're the only Americans ever permitted to play jazz in Russia." 3. Guest Arthur Treacher: It's hot in New York, so Treacher treats the audience to a cup of ice tea. He and Garry are sitting on two blocks of ice. The panel are going to be the ones who cut up the ice for the tea.

  • S08E36 Robert Q. Lewis

    • September 9, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm wearing contact lenses." 2. "I was the first boy in Boys Town." 3. Guest Robert Q. Lewis: Henry's LP is popular among the beatnik set, so Lewis has booked Henry to appear at the Village Vanguard to recite his poetry.

  • S08E37 Groucho Marx

    • September 16, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "All attend the same eight-year school, one in each of the eight grades." 2. "I was held up by a bank robber last week … I'm going to show movies of the actual robbery." 3. Guest Groucho Marx: Reveals that he once auditioned to host a show called "Take It or Leave It" but lost the job to Garry.

  • S08E38 Ben Gazzara

    • September 23, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I memorized all the news in today's New York Herald Tribune." 2. Guest Ben Gazzara: Trains Garry for boxing. 3. To celebrate the second season of Garry's variety show, a giant three-layer cake is revealed, out of which pops Marion Lorne.

  • S08E39 Mitch Miller

    • September 30, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We're watermelon seed-spitting champions … I won the title for distance/marksmanship." 2. " I had my picture taken with Khrushchev patting my stomach." 3. Guest Mitch Miller: Betsy is invited to make a recording of herself reciting Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poetry — on equipment similar to Edison's original invention.

  • S08E40 Jack Hawkins

    • October 7, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "Bess Myerson is floating on air." 2. "I flew a jet plane and broke the sound barrier." 3. Guest Jack Hawkins: During each (blindfolded) panelist's questioning, a suspenseful situation is set up, the end of which marks the end of the questioning.

  • S08E42 Vivian Vance

    • October 21, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'll pick up and hold these 10 tennis balls with one hand." 2. "We both graduated from the same high school last June … Now we're both freshmen in the same college." 3. Guest Vivian Vance: Garry has already recorded his lines for a dramatic radio scene. Vance delivers her lines during the questioning, after which the resulting assembled scene is played back.

  • S08E43 Hugh O'Brian

    • October 28, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I pedaled a bicycle around the world." 2. Guest Hugh O'Brian: "I'm going to attach a motor to my roller skates." 3. "I flew to New York in this automobile … It converts into an airplane."

  • S08E44 Arnold Stang

    • November 4, 1959
    • CBS

    Physical fitness theme. 1. "I used to weigh 401 pounds … I lost 218 pounds." 2. "I walked across the United States." 3. "I swam around Manhattan Island." 4. "I rocked in a rocking chair for 70 hours without stopping." 5.Guest Arnold Stang: "I'm going to prove that I can punch my way out of a paper bag."

  • S08E45 Fred MacMurray

    • November 11, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I have a man at the end of this rope … His mustache is longer than mine" 2. "I own the world's largest collection of phonograph records." 3. Guest Fred MacMurray: The secret is that the panel are about to be recruited to participate in a taffy pull.

  • S08E46 Joel McCrea

    • November 18, 1959
    • CBS
  • S08E47 Marion Lorne

    • November 25, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to be a chorus girl in a college show." 2. "We just graduated from a school for Santa Clauses." 3. Guest Marion Lorne: The secret is that the panel must pay the prize money out of their own pockets.

  • S08E48 Jayne Meadows

    • December 2, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I made the best bean soup in the United States Navy." 2. "I've been working for the same newspaper for 75 years." 3.Guest Jayne: Shares moments from past shows before Bess was a panelist.

  • S08E49 Eva Gabor

    • December 9, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "I've just been hired to appear in a Broadway play" 2. "We trained for football by studying … ballet." 3. Guest Eva Gabor: A diction contest is held between her and the panel in which they are given tongue-twisters to say.

  • S08E50 Pat Boone

    • December 16, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We married their sisters." 2. "I just bought a book … It cost $182,000." 3. Guest Pat Boone: The panel will accompany him in a performance of Christmas songs.

  • S08E51 Elsa Maxwell

    • December 23, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "Two weeks ago, I set a new world's jet plane altitude record." 2. "Our last names are Wee Wish Yu Alla Merry Christmas Ande Happy New Years." 3. Guest Elsa Maxwell: Garry and the panel test children's toys to see if they are suitable for adults.

  • S08E52 Hermione Gingold

    • December 30, 1959
    • CBS

    1. "We're going to sing a duet from a Chinese opera … I'm going to sing the male/female role." 2. "My Christmas dinner cost me $840 … I flew to London for it!" 3. Guest Hermione Gingold: Henry is going to be sent to the Mayfair Hotel to deliver Lynn Porter the Christmas dinner he didn't get to eat.

Season 9

  • S09E01 Dana Andrews

    • January 6, 1960
    • CBS

    1. Henry Morgan "I couldn't get the goose through U.S. customs." 2. "We're going to eat the last piece of our wedding cake tonight." 3. Guest Dana Andrews: The answer to each question incorporates a New Year's resolution recommended to that panel member by someone in the audience.

  • S09E02 No Celebrity

    • January 13, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "Two months ago our mother was a finalist … in a bathing beauty contest." 2. "I'm Garry Moore's stand-in on television" 3. The panel are asked to finish each of four sentences on paper and then guess which panelist wrote what.

  • S09E03 Edmond O'Brien

    • January 20, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "We share the same telephone party line." 2. "I own the only diamond mine in the United States." 3. Guest Edmond O'Brien: Has recently been photographed with all four panelists, but at the time none of them knew it was he.

  • S09E04 Jack E. Leonard

    • January 27, 1960
    • CBS

    1. Carton contains "a live shark." 2. Guest Jack E. Leonard: Tries on various hairpieces that are being judged by three women chosen from the audience. 3. "I learned to play the drums when I was one year old."

  • S09E05 Jean-Pierre Aumont

    • February 3, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I have a soprano singing voice … I also sing tenor and baritone … I also sing bass." 2. Some dresses are modeled, and then the models are revealed to have male-dominated jobs. 3. "My home town voted me Man of the Year." 4. Guest Jean-Pierre Aumont: Henry and Durward are provided with materials from which they are to design dresses for Carol and Bess.

  • S09E06 Steve Allen

    • February 10, 1960
    • CBS

    No details available.

  • S09E07 Peter Lorre

    • February 17, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I have my pet goat at the end of this string … " 2. "My name is Law … I'm a sheriff." "My name is Burns … I'm a fireman." 3. Guest Peter Lorre: The panel are challenged to identify items using only one of their five senses.

  • S09E08 Zsa Zsa Gabor

    • February 24, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "Today is my birthday.", "Today is my birthday, too...." 2. Guest Zsa Zsa Gabor: "I'm wearing a dress made out of a potato sack." 3. "I'm going to perform one of my musical compositions … the 'instruments' I will use are: a water pitcher, an iron pipe, a goose call, etc.

  • S09E10 Lloyd Bridges

    • March 9, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "My identical twin brother is at the end of this rope." 2. "We have our own private coal mine … It's in the basement of our house." 3. Guest Lloyd Bridges: It appears Bridges is on stage wearing a diving suit, In fact, Bridges is in the audience and the man on stage is a lookalike.

  • S09E11 Olivia de Havilland

    • March 16, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "The 'fuel' that powers this car is sunlight." 2. "I wrote 'When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.'" 3. Guest Olivia de Havilland: In preparation for St. Patrick's Day, most of the center line of Fifth Avenue has been painted green. One panelist is to be chosen to do the remaining paint job.

  • S09E12 Laurence Harvey

    • March 23, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "Garry Moore just picked me out of the studio audience." 2. "I'm going to drive a nail through a 2-inch board … with one of these bananas." 3. Guest Laurence Harvey: He actually played the first contestant.

  • S09E13 Janis Paige

    • March 30, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I gave Betsy Palmer her first job … She was my secretary." 2. Gutenberg Bible worth $500,000. 3. Guest Janis Paige: Tomorrow is Henry's birthday. To decide what to get him, she took some items from his apartment. The secret is that the items actually are from the homes of the other three panelists.

  • S09E14 Mel Torme

    • April 7, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I used to play bass fiddle with a jazz quartet … We're going to have a reunion here tonight." 2. "We're going to teach Betsy Palmer and Bess Myerson how to do … the latest teenage dance craze." 3. Guest Mel Torme: "I'm going to sing a song … It was written by Henry Morgan 7 years ago."

  • S09E15 Julius LaRosa

    • April 13, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I wrote a musical composition … It was performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra." 2. "We made our wives' Easter bonnets." 3. Guest Julius LaRosa: Several dozen eggs are placed on stage. The panel then are blindfolded. Each woman has to locate one of the eggs with her feet, pick it up, and place it in her partner's basket.

  • S09E16 Nancy Walker

    • April 20, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I own the oldest automobile in the U.S. … It was built in 1867" 2. "Two weeks ago I had the measles … the mumps at the same time … and chicken pox … and a cold … " 3. Guest Nancy Walker: Performs spring cleaning chores, which each panelist must take over doing after questioning.

  • S09E17 Art Linkletter

    • April 27, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "We all live at the YWCA." 2. "I was sealed in the nose cone of a rocket for 7 days." 3. Guest Art Linkletter: The panel are tested on how easily they can recognize each other while blindfolded.

  • S09E18 Arthur Treacher

    • May 4, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the only singer who dared … to record Henry Morgan's song" 2. "Each of us won a Pulitzer Prize this week." 3. Guest Arthur Treacher: One of the panelists will be sent to London immediately to cover Princess Margaret's wedding for the Daily Mirror.

  • S09E19 Wally Cox

    • May 11, 1960
    • CBS

    1. Three crew members circumnavigated the globe in 84 days. 2. Recap of Betsy's London news assignment. 3. "I can tap dance while standing on my hands." 4. Guest Wally Cox: "I have enough full-size furniture to fill a room." He and Garry rush around assembling the furniture.

  • S09E20 Burgess Meredith

    • May 25, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to sing every other line of a song… My twin sister is going to sing the alternate lines." 2. Guest Burgess Meredith: Does a dramatic reading of a story Garry wrote." 3. "I'm going to give Garry and the panel … trampoline bouncing lessons."

  • S09E21 Jane Wyman

    • June 1, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I'm holding Garry Moore in the air." 2. "I have 5 brothers and sisters backstage … They're all taller than I am." 3. Guest Jane Wyman: Panel are given aptitude tests.

  • S09E22 Anthony Perkins

    • June 8, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I graduated from Annapolis/West Point today." 2. "Postage stamps worth more than half a million dollars." 3.Guest Anthony Perkins: The show is moving out of the Mansfield Theater. During questioning, the set is dismantled and everyone leaves the panel to go to a farewell party.

  • S09E23 Jay North

    • June 15, 1960
    • CBS

    1. Will play a duet with Garry on his "pogo cello" and her "idiot stick." 2. "I fought a boxing match with Ingemar Johansson … I won!" 3.Guest Jay North: "We're going to have a frog jumping contest."

  • S09E24 Van Johnson

    • June 22, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I was not playing the clarinet just now." … "I was." 2. "I made the dresses Betsy and Bess are wearing tonight." 3. Guest Van Johnson: The blindfolded panelists step into wet cement.

  • S09E25 Victor Borge

    • June 29, 1960
    • CBS

    1. Guest Victor Borge: Garry is sent away on vacation and leaves the stage during the questioning. Afterward, the panel draw straws to determine which of them will host the rest of the show. 2. "Henry Morgan plays me in a movie." 3."I'm the U.S. Spelling Bee Champion." The panel then are challenged to spell words.

  • S09E26 George Jessel

    • July 6, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "The other musicians are my sisters … We are quadruplets." 2. "I once struck out 18 men and won a game — blindfolded." 3. Write-in contest: "Our town wants the 'I've Got a Secret' footprints because…" 4. Guest George Jessel: Has to identify jokes from their punchlines.

  • S09E28 Tony Randall

    • July 20, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to smoke 6 cigars and whistle at the same time." 2. "One of us is a girl." 3. Guest Tony Randall: Sets up a scene by assigning characters to the panel, himself, and Garry, and then they will ad lib the dialog.

  • S09E30 Johnny Carson

    • August 3, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to send a message by Morse Code … I'm going to receive a message by Morse Code … " 2. "We were born in the same hour of the day … of the same day of the same month …" 3. Guest Johnny Carson: Hooked up to a lie detector, occasionally he answers the blindfolded panel's questions with lies.

  • S09E31 Polly Bergen

    • August 10, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to hold a piano player on my shoulders … I'm going to hold a piano on my knees." 2. "I won first prize in a needlepoint sewing contest." 3. Guest Polly Bergen: Asks the blindfolded panel revealing questions, while relatives of theirs stand behind them to corroborate their answers.

  • S09E32 Alan King

    • August 17, 1960
    • CBS

    1. In his box is "A watermelon … It weighs 119 pounds." 2. "All of us star in our own TV program" 3. Guest Alan King: Tests whether men or women are better at loading the trunk of a car. The men and women pair off and try to load their respective trunks.

  • S09E33 Gloria Swanson

    • August 24, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I've got carrots in my ears." 2. "This music roll plays piano, flute, snare drum, bass drum, cymbal, etc." 3."I arranged 421 blind dates for a dance next week … Bess Myerson is my blind date — and she doesn't know it." 4.Guest Gloria Swanson: Panel are shown clips from silent films, they ad lib what they think is the dialog.

  • S09E34 Kid Contestants

    • August 31, 1960
    • CBS

    All the contestants are kids Theme is "What did you do this summer?"

  • S09E35 Vic Damone

    • September 7, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "Both of us won gold medals in the Olympics last week." 2. Guest Vic Damone: Four contestants from a beard-growing contest are behind the curtain. The panel are challenged to style their beards so as to resemble those in photographs.

  • S09E37 Carol Burnett

    • September 21, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I play music on people … I'm going to play a song on the panel." 2. "Bill Cullen shaved off my beard on this show last week." 3. Guest Carol Burnett: Models clothes borrowed from Betsy's and Bess's closets.

  • S09E38 Jonathan Winters

    • September 28, 1960
    • CBS

    1. Dog has same-size, 9-year-old horse, on end of rope. 2. We played in the 1st World Series - on opposite teams. 3. Guest Jonathan Winters: "My Mother is leading the applause in the studio."

  • S09E40 William Bendix

    • October 12, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "While my husband was at the races today … I flew to Bermuda for lunch." 2. "I'm wearing a suit designed for exploring the moon." 3. Guest William Bendix: Garry has a paper bag put over his head and the panel then try to construct a composite sketch of his face from memory.

  • S09E41 Arlene Francis

    • October 19, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I collected 40 insects for a school project ...", his brother: "I ate them all." 2. "I hit the home run that won the World Series for Pittsburgh." 3. Guest Arlene Francis: Debate between the sexes. One panelist is confronted with a statement he or she made concerning the opposite sex, and another panelist of that sex rebuts the statement.

  • S09E42 John Payne

    • October 26, 1960
    • CBS

    1.Garry introduces this as a "truncated" version of the show 2. "We went 7 miles into the ocean … straight down." 3. Guest John Payne: The panel are shown cliffhangers from silent films and have to guess what happens next.

  • S09E43 Gisele MacKenzie

    • November 2, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "The world needs two Henry Morgans," so The Amazing Randi proceeds to cut Henry in half. 2. "We're all losers in a Bill Cullen lookalike contest … I won the contest." 3. Guest Gisele MacKenzie: "I'm going to play a violin due tonight … with a chimpanzee."

  • S09E44 Audrey Meadows

    • November 9, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "When I was a little girl … Garry Moore was my baby sitter." 2. Guest Audrey Meadows: Guest is interviewed and then the panel have to remember what the guest said. 3. "We made the first Dixieland jazz record."

  • S09E46 Peter Ustinov

    • November 23, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "We adopted and support a Korean orphan." 2. "I'm going on a diet — starting tomorrow." 3. Guest Peter Ustinov: "I'm going to teach the panel how to carve a turkey."

  • S09E47 Myrna Loy

    • November 30, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I'm wearing 14 different outfits." 2. "He taught me how to speak English." 3. Guest Myrna Loy: Betsy and Bess act out four good qualities for men to have to excess during the questioning.

  • S09E48 Vivian Vance

    • December 7, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "I'm speaking English … backwards!" 2. "I played an 18-hole round of golf and … I shot two holes-in-one … I lost the game." 3. Guest Vivian Vance: The panel attempt to shape dough into pretzels along a moving conveyor belt, competing against a pretzel-making machine.

  • S09E49 Eva Gabor

    • December 14, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "This machine will paint a picture of a face." 2. Guest Eva Gabor: "My dress is made of Christmas gift-wrapping paper." 3. "I'm a singer … I'm going to make up a song about tonight's show."

  • S09E50 Faye Emerson

    • December 21, 1960
    • CBS

    1. "On Christmas Eve, we're celebrating our 50th anniversary. … On Christmas Eve, we're celebrating our 25th anniversary … On Christmas Eve, I'm getting married." 2. "I made that Christmas tree … out of 200,000 toothpicks." 3. Guest Faye: "I'm going to dress Henry Morgan as Santa Claus."

  • S09E51 Celebrity Relatives

    • December 28, 1960
    • CBS

    All contestants are performers with famous relatives. 1. "My father is Bud Collyer." 2. "My father is U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas." 3. "My father is Walter Brennan." 4."Our father is Mitch Miller."

Season 10

  • S10E01 Keenan Wynn

    • January 4, 1961
    • CBS

    1."I built the smallest electric motor in the world … You need a microscope to see it work." 2. "I can drive my bare hand through … 5 inches of wood." 3.Guest Keenan Wynn: Everyone acts out a scene and is given a script to which they must adhere, except Betsy, who must ad lib her lines.

  • S10E02 Patrice Munsel

    • January 11, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "During World War II, President-elect John F. Kennedy saved my life." 2. "This year I'm attending classes in 20 different schools in 20 different cities." 3.Guest Patrice Munsel: The panel try to guess what people look like just from hearing their voices.

  • S10E04 Garry Moore's Birthday

    • January 25, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to play the piano (1st time in public) … I'm going to play the violin (1st time in my life) … and we're going to sing a duet." 2. "I'm going to perform a comedy sketch with Durward Kirby … as the little old ladies Martha and Jennie." 3. "I'm going to do a ballet dance." 4. 4.A birthday cake is brought out with trick candles on it.

  • S10E05 Spike Jones

    • February 1, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I served Henry Morgan/Bess Myerson/Betsy Palmer/Steve Allen breakfast in bed this morning." 2. "My grandmother plays the trombone in an all-girl jazz band." 3.Guest Spike Jones: "Garry Moore is going to sing a song … and I'll lead the panel in background music."

  • S10E06 Ronald Reagan

    • February 8, 1961
    • CBS

    1."I'll be wearing a different costume for each answer I give." 2. "In the past 7 years I've had 14,000 pies … thrown in my face!" 3.Guest Ronald Reagan: All the men on stage previously were radio announcers. Steve and Henry are tested to see if they still could pass an audition today.

  • S10E07 Lucille Ball

    • February 15, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "Each of us has a twin backstage. 2. "I sailed from Washington, D.C. to Jacksonville, Florida … in a paper boat." 3. Guest Lucille Ball: Acts out different mental states with the goal of getting the panel to respond in the same way.

  • S10E08 Wally Cox

    • February 22, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the drummer in the band." … "I'm the drummer in the band also." … "So am I." … "Me, too." … "Likewise." 2. "I graduated from high school this month." 3. 3.Guest Wally Cox: The panel's table manners are tested against those prescribed in Amy Vanderbilt's book.

  • S10E09 Anna Maria Alberghetti

    • March 1, 1961
    • CBS

    1. His bag contains "An earth satellite." 2. "We were your [Garry's] teachers in high school … I flunked you in history … I flunked you in gym." 3. Guest Anna Maria Alberghetti: Panel have to explain how to do things, completely verbally without using their hands or looking at what is being done.

  • S10E10 Jonathan Winters

    • March 8, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm a police department meter maid … I gave Betsy Palmer a parking ticket this week." 2.Guest Jonathan Winters: His answers are inspired by famous artworks that are being projected. 3."Koko," supposedly a chimpanzee, actually "The Great Janos" Prohaska in disguise: "I'm going to sing a song."

  • S10E11 Walter Slezak

    • March 15, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to make Easter bonnets for Betsy and Bess … out of the hat I'm wearing." 2. "I was a traffic court judge … I fined my father $10." 3. Guest Walter Slezak: The panelists must try to make themselves understood by people who don't speak English.

  • S10E13 Unknown

    • March 29, 1961
    • CBS


  • S10E14 Liberace

    • April 5, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the world's champion limbo dancer … I can dance under that bar without touching it!" 2. "Since I graduated from high school I've worked as … [42 different jobs] 3.Guest Liberace: "I'm going to play the piano … The panel will accompany me on kitchen utensils."

  • S10E15 Andy Griffith

    • April 12, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "The hats we're wearing were designed by … the new welterweight boxing champion of the world." 2.Guest Andy Griffith: Introduces four kids who are attending school in NYC. The panel must try to explain everyday natural phenomena in a way the kids can understand. 3. "I'm going to teach Garry Moore to ski … I've got a ski slope backstage"

  • S10E16 June Allyson

    • April 19, 1961
    • CBS

    1.Jayne and Steve were at the Oscars to present an award, but no one showed up to claim it, so Jayne still has it. 2.Guest June Allyson: A scavenger hunt is conducted. 3. "We taught Betsy Palmer how to play the drums this afternoon." 4. "If nobody shows up — I'll eat my hat … If anybody does show up — Garry will eat my hat."

  • S10E17 Arthur Treacher

    • April 26, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "We're going to play table tennis … using 3 balls at the same time." 2. "Our grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War " 3.Guest Arthur Treacher: Is on a horse that he will give to Henry. We will find out how good a horse trader Henry is.

  • S10E18 Harpo Marx

    • May 3, 1961
    • CBS

    1. 1.The panel look through a pile of 100,000 postcards from viewers offering items to trade for Henry's horse. 2. "I taught Garry to do what I just did" ( Fires a cork gun at packs of Winstons and Vanilla Wafers tossed in the air). 3.Guest Harpo Marx: Answers questions from Garry in character while the panel play straight man and try to guess what he's miming.

  • S10E19 Donald O'Connor

    • May 10, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "We're the helicopter pilots who picked up astronaut Shepard." 2.Guest Donald O'Connor: Questioning is recorded and played back without sound. Everyone must try to repeat it over their own lip movements.3.Henry traded his horse for a 1925 Model T.

  • S10E20 Merv Griffin

    • May 17, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "We're going to play 17 instruments — all at the same time … Each of us is a one-man band." 2. "I've been playing golf for 3 years … I've made 4 holes-in-one." 3.Guest Merv Griffin: Panelists guess which of three answers is correct.

  • S10E21 Victor Borge

    • May 24, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I eliminated watch pockets from all uniforms," saving taxpayers over $1.5 million. 2.Guest Victor Borge: "I'm going to conduct a concerto for … piano, sneezers and coughers" (also shushers and snorers).

  • S10E22 Morey Amsterdam

    • May 31, 1961
    • CBS

    1. His bag contains "A bicycle … We're all going to ride it together." 2. "A worm … It's more than 4 feet long." 3.Guest Morey Amsterdam: Each panelist is given a topic for a speech. Whenever the speakers light goes off, Amsterdam inserts a joke.

  • S10E23 Charley Weaver

    • June 7, 1961
    • CBS

    1. Finalists in "a calf feeding contest." 2. "I won the Indianapolis 500-mile race last week." … "I won the first Indianapolis 500-mile race — 50 years ago." 3.Guest Charley Weaver: There is a different secret for each panelist, and they are competing to see who guesses first. They wear their secrets on their heads so that everyone else can see them.

  • S10E24 Edgar Bergen

    • June 14, 1961
    • CBS

    1.Guest Edgar Bergen: "Bergen is not talking for me … I have another ventriloquist under the desk" 2. "I forgot an elephant." (in charge of moving the Clyde Bakey-Cole Bros. circus ). 3. "I'm going to spin all these [32] plates in the air … at the same time."

  • S10E25 Ninth Anniversary Show

    • June 21, 1961
    • CBS

    The panel sit on a talk show-like set with Garry in the middle. Though the show consists mainly of clips, there is an audience.

  • S10E26 Jerry Lewis

    • June 28, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I read this book ['Gone with the Wind'] from cover to cover … in less than an hour." 2. "My finger was stuck in a bowling ball." 3. Guest Jerry Lewis: Panelists are tested on their ability to play straight without breaking character.

  • S10E27 William Bendix

    • July 5, 1961
    • CBS

    1. Invented "A way for a man to fly … with just a rocket on his back." 2. "I just graduated from grammar school/high school/college/law school." 3.Guest William Bendix: Bets against Garry on how well they can predict the panel's behavior.

  • S10E28 Jane Russell

    • July 12, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I was high scorer for my team … He was high scorer for my team, also (in the same game)." 2.Guest Jane Russell: Answers are being determined by a ouija board. 3. "I'm holding hands with Garry Moore" (who can't get loose).

  • S10E29 Jack E. Leonard

    • July 19, 1961
    • CBS

    1. Can repeat whatever anyone says almost simultaneously. 2. "I have 5 sons … They're all policemen, too" 3.Guest Jack E. Leonard: Game called "Ha!", in which people of alternating sexes lie on their backs, with his or her head on the last one's stomach, and they all laugh in that position.

  • S10E30 The Crosby Boys

    • July 26, 1961
    • CBS

    1. A collie: "I can perform more than 100 different tricks." 2. Previously on "To Tell the Truth, "Four different cars crashed into my house." Since then, "Another car crashed into my new house." 3.Guests Crosby Boys: Teach Garry, Bill and Henry how to lip-sync.

  • S10E31 Sam Levenson

    • August 2, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to skip rope … with Garry Moore sitting on my shoulders" 2. "We stood around and watched our firehouse burn down … Our fire engines were inside." 3.Guest Sam Levenson: About 100 people come up on stage to shake hands with the stars and get autographs. The secret is that all of them are relatives of his.

  • S10E32 Tom Poston

    • August 9, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "We are the log-sawing champions of the world." 2. "Someone returned a library book to me … It was 81 years overdue." 3.Guest Tom Poston: A newspaper declared Garry the worst-dressed man in America. The 10 best-dressed men give him clothes to wear.

  • S10E33 Edie Adams

    • August 16, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "We're going to hand wrestle Bill and Henry." 2. "My wife has served me breakfast in bed every morning for 14 years." 3. Guest Edie Adams: The men and women compete to see who is better at discerning which of two similar things is of higher quality.

  • S10E34 George Gobel

    • August 23, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I can spin faster than this fan is turning." 2. "I became a father and a grandfather on the same day." 3. Guest George Gobel: The panel are tested on their ability to pay attention to two things at once.

  • S10E35 Eve Arden

    • August 30, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I went over Niagara Falls in a 6-foot ball" 2. "I never got to my banquet" given in his honor … "No one told me about it." 3. Guest Eve Arden: The panel listen to various combinations of radio sound effects and try to make up funny lines of dialog that might accompany them.

  • S10E36 Joan Bennett

    • September 6, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm half the man I was 3 years ago … I lost 236 pounds." 2. "We are related to Betsy Palmer … " 3. Guest Joan Bennett: The panel are shown extreme close-up portions of larger photos and have to guess what the object is.

  • S10E37 Jayne Meadows

    • September 13, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "Garry will hold this candle while … I shoot out the flame with a slingshot." 2. Guest Jayne Meadows: "I'm arranging blind dates for Bess and Henry" using a UNIVAC computer.

  • S10E38 Robert Young

    • September 20, 1961
    • CBS

    1.Photos are shown of Bess and Henry on their blind dates arranged last week. 2. Guest Robert Young: Paper bags are placed over Bill and Henry's heads, then Betsy and Bess try to reconstruct their faces by choosing among Identikit drawings. 3. "I'm going to sit on a 'flagpole' in this studio … until next week's show."

  • S10E39 Details Unknown

    • September 25, 1961
    • CBS

    Unknown. Presumably, this episode is the last to use "Plink-Plank-Plunk" as the show's musical theme.

  • S10E41 Country Fair

    • October 9, 1961
    • CBS

    1. Rooster crowing contest. 2. "I've won more than 600 prizes at country fairs." 3. "I'm going to judge the panel in a corn shucking contest." 4.Bill calls a square dance.

  • S10E42 Art Linkletter

    • October 16, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the new world's champion … accordion player." 2. "I swam 35 miles — nonstop … entirely underwater." 3. Guest Art Linkletter: Two women from the audience allow the panel look through their purses and presume what kind of people they are.

  • S10E44 Martha Raye

    • October 30, 1961
    • CBS

    1. 1.Contestant taught Arthur Murray how to dance the Twist. 2.Contestant lights a jack-o'-lantern using a grapefruit. 3.Guest Martha Raye: Betsy doesn't know that she is the only person who is blindfolded.

  • S10E45 Vivian Vance

    • November 6, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm wearing a suit worth $3,000 … It's made of 3,000 one-dollar bills." 2.Guest Vivian Vance: The new game show "Password" is promoted by being played on this show. 3. "I'm going to fill the stage with bubbles."

  • S10E46 Ray Bolger

    • November 13, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I can draw my gun … cock it … aim it … and pull the trigger … before Garry can clap his hands." 2. "We jumped from an airplane … My parachute failed to open." … "I caught him in mid-air." 3.Guest Ray Bolger: Will try to manipulate the panel into asking specific questions.

  • S10E47 Peggy Cass

    • November 20, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to dump it all into this salt water … We'll all drink it." 2. "We were married last month … We were engaged to be married 63 years ago." 3. Guest Peggy Cass: "The panel is going to have a race to see … who can dress a boy in his snowsuit fastest."

  • S10E48 Peter Lind Hayes

    • November 27, 1961
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the world's fastest typist." 2. "That was not a real radio … I made those sounds — I'm a ventriloquist." 3.Guest Peter Lind Hayes: The panel answer questions like those posed to Mrs. America contestants.

  • S10E49 Roy Rogers

    • December 4, 1961
    • CBS

    1. A partially concealed Pat McCormick is being held in the air by "A magnet." 2. "I made a phone call to a girls' dormitory … I hung up the phone 5 days later." 3.Guest Roy Rogers: "I'm going to give Henry Morgan a job on my ranch."

  • S10E50 Janet Leigh/Michel de la Vega

    • December 11, 1961
    • CBS

    1.Footage is shown of Henry washing Trigger on Roy Rogers's ranch. 2. Janet Leigh: "I'm wearing it under my coat … An $18,000 white mink dress" 3. Magician Michel de la Vega ties Garry up inside a bag and locks him in a trunk.

  • S10E51 Jack E. Leonard

    • December 18, 1961
    • CBS

    1. Garry buys Bess "A 15-room house in Bayonne, New Jersey." 2.Guest Jack E. Leonard: Tries on various hairpieces while the panel are blindfolded. 3.The panel attempts to play "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" on bells by the numbers.

  • S10E52 Celebrity Relatives

    • December 25, 1961
    • CBS

    "Pat Boone is my brother"; "Carol Burnett is my sister"; "Bing Crosby is my brother"; "Bob Hope is my brother"; "Dorothy Lamour is my mother"; "I'm Henry Morgan's mother"; Sons of famous men perform as a jazz quartet.

Season 11

  • S11E01 Dick Van Dyke

    • January 1, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to stand on the ceiling." 2."My dog was trapped in an abandoned coal mine … I dug for 31 days to get him out." 3. Guest Dick Van Dyke: Pantomimes scenes that the panel must interpret.

  • S11E02 Tom Ewell

    • January 8, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "Somebody stole our house." 2. "My mother is backstage ... the lady holding me is my grandmother." 3. Guest Tom Ewell: The panel must try to read news stories while hearing their own voices played back with a tape delay.

  • S11E03 Jane Powell

    • January 15, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I was Betsy Palmer's son in a movie (8 years ago)." 2. "I scored 499 consecutive foul shots." 3. Guest Jane Powell: Is wearing a go-go dress that can be restyled in 50 different ways.

  • S11E04 Hugh O'Brian

    • January 22, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I have 1,853 pictures of Don Ameche." 2. "I have a pet lion that lives with me" 3. Guest Hugh O'Brian: Each panelist acts out a scene using written scripts. A bell rings and the panelist is fed a line or has to ad lib.

  • S11E05 Michel de la Vega

    • January 29, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the director of the United States program … to send scientific instruments to the moon." 2. "My wife is backstage." … "My husband is backstage." 3. Guest Michel de la Vega: The same trick from 12/11/61 is repeated.

  • S11E06 Michael Rennie

    • February 5, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I taught Bill Cullen to [sink 6 billiard balls in one shot]." 2. "My grandfather is Congressional Medal of Honor holder … Sergeant York." 3. Guest Michael Rennie: The panel demonstrates their knowledge of British slang by using a given word in a sentence.

  • S11E07 Michel de la Vega

    • February 12, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I've gone to more than 2,000 celebrity parties, weddings & premieres … I was not invited to any of them." 2. "I write a column for 35 newspapers … I give advice to parents." 3. Guest Michel de la Vega: Hypnotizes Garry, places him horizontally atop the backs of two chairs, and stands on top of him.

  • S11E08 James Garner

    • February 19, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "This machine cost $4,200 … It is absolutely useless." 2. "I'm the first man to pole vault over 16 feet." 3. Guest James Garner: The panel are shown old films of sports competitions. When the film is paused, the panel try to predict who wins.

  • S11E09 Ginger Rogers

    • February 26, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I gave astronaut John Glenn his first flying lessons" 2. A photograph: "It is composed of 21,000 people standing in formation." 3. Guest Ginger Rogers: The panel is tested on what they remember about their former occupations.

  • S11E10 Milton Berle

    • March 5, 1962
    • CBS

    1. Guesses where audience members comes from by hearing them pronounce certain words. 2. Gina Lollobrigida's acting double in movies. 3. Guest Milton Berle: Does a card trick. Each panelist picks a card, and then Berle reveals photographs taken earlier of the same cards.

  • S11E11 Liberace

    • March 12, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to fire a rifle and … photograph the bullet in flight." 2. "I scored 100 points in a basketball game." 3. Guest Liberace: Plays a piano trio with Betsy and Bess, encore with Bill and Henry.

  • S11E12 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

    • March 19, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I personally deliver the President's paycheck every month." 2. Henry sells his Model T. 3. Guest Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: Each panelist is given information about the other three and has to guess details about other panelists.

  • S11E13 Ann Sothern

    • March 26, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I'm recovering from a [serious injuries] … We were dancing the twist." 2. "My father is backstage." "My father is backstage, too." "Both of them are my sons." 3. Guest Ann Sothern: "It's a new musical instrument … It can sound like a full orchestra."

  • S11E14 Van Johnson

    • April 2, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the 1962 world's champion liar … These other awards are not mine — I lied." 2. "One million dollars' worth of jewelry." 3. Guest Van Johnson: Has cards of comments made by tourists. The panel has to figure out that he is answering each question with a comment someone made.

  • S11E15 Kim Novak

    • April 9, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I'm watching this show on a television set." 2. Guest Kim Novak: "I designed the dress Bess Myerson is wearing." 3. "I'm a professional bowler … My average score is 99."

  • S11E16 Jonathan Winters

    • April 16, 1962
    • CBS

    1. Puts her head inside a lion's mouth. 2. Caught a nuclear submarine in his net. 3. Guest Jonathan Winters: Each panelist is assigned to a Marine recruit and is instructed on how to give him orders.

  • S11E17 Allen & Rossi

    • April 23, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I have tobacco in my pouch." 2. "I'll shoot a 6000-degree flame at you from this side." 3. Guests Allen & Rossi: They need new material for their act and are offering to buy jokes from the panel.

  • S11E18 Helen Traubel

    • April 30, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I didn't write the songs I just played … My two brothers did." 2. "Last week I issued a marriage license to … Bess Myerson." 3. Guest Helen Traubel: Known for being an easy laugher, Garry tries to get her to laugh by putting on funny disguises.

  • S11E19 Jane Powell

    • May 7, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "This is a musical instrument … I can play it without touching it." 2. "I made the suit Garry is wearing." 3. Guest Jane Powell: Bill and Henry are hooked up to a machine that measures their degree of embarrassment when a woman sings to them.

  • S11E20 No Celebrity

    • May 14, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "We're the entire graduating class of our high school … 50 years ago." 2. "My brother Orville Wright is backstage." 3. "I'll make the same sounds using only my voice."

  • S11E21 Arlene Francis

    • May 21, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to play the trumpet … The trumpet is 8 feet long." 2. "I flew to Europe for my vacation … I stayed 15 minutes and came right home." 3. Guest Arlene Francis: Each panelist is awarded a statuette and gives an acceptance speech before finding out what the award is for.

  • S11E22 Jimmy Dean

    • May 28, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I parachuted into the ocean last week … to help astronaut Scott Carpenter." 2. "The furniture in my house is made of old newspapers … The house is made of newspapers, too." 3. Guest Jimmy Dean: The panel make up lyrics about each other.

  • S11E23 Carol Burnett

    • June 4, 1962
    • CBS

    1. I commanded the first airplane to fly the Atlantic Ocean." 2. "I'm graduating from high school this week." 3. Guest Carol Burnett: Stenotypist transcribes panelist Q&A. They reenact the Q&A as if they were playing dramatic scenes.

  • S11E25 Tenth Anniversary Show

    • June 18, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "We were born the same day this program started." 2. Crew members perform magic. 3. Trip inside the control room. 4. Crew members perform.

  • S11E26 Miss Universe Finalists

    • June 25, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to drive my car onto this stage … by remote control." 2. Comedian Art Barker: 3-week show at the Playboy Club was canceled because "I showed up for the job one year too early." 3. 4.Each panelist is matched up with a Miss Universe finalist and tries to guess what she is saying in her native language.

  • S11E27 Arthur Godfrey

    • July 2, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "Our father just graduated from college." 2. "We were stranded at a restaurant … Henry Ford drove off with our Chevrolet." 3. Guest Arthur Godfrey: Godfrey is interviewed and the panel must try to remember his answers.

  • S11E28 No Celebrity

    • September 10, 1962
    • CBS

    1. Former Miss America finalists. 2. "Parachute failed to open." 3. Panelist promo outtakes.

  • S11E29 Paul Anka

    • September 17, 1962
    • CBS

    1. Female clothing isn't theirs — their husbands are undercover cops. 2. "Our son became an astronaut today." 3. Guest Paul Anka: He and the panel all make up songs on the spot about various subjects.

  • S11E30 Victor Borge

    • September 24, 1962
    • CBS

    1. First grand slam in World Series history. 2. Model for the Indian Head nickel. 3. Guest Victor Borge: Conduct orchestra after the panel decides what the orchestra is going to play.

  • S11E32 Janet Leigh

    • October 8, 1962
    • CBS

    1.Contestant teaches Garry how to be a snake charmer. 2. Only boxer ever to defeat Sonny Liston. 3. Guest Janet Leigh: Instructs the men on how to do the women's hair.

  • S11E35 Jane Powell

    • October 29, 1962
    • CBS

    1.Contestant appears with his son, grandson, and great-grandson — all of whom are the same age. 2.Guest Jane Powell: Has 50 light bulbs sewn into her dress. 3. Contestant is going to cut Betsy's hair short.

  • S11E37 Carol Burnett

    • November 12, 1962
    • CBS

    1. Automobile built by his father in 1896. 2. Guest Carol Burnett: Tries on various designer outfits while the panel are blindfolded.

  • S11E38 Unknown

    • November 19, 1962
    • CBS


  • S11E39 Lenny Kent

    • November 26, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I can play music on my teeth." 2. "I am the only teacher in a school." … "I'm the whole student body." 3. "The world's fastest talker."

  • S11E40 Unknown

    • December 3, 1962
    • CBS


  • S11E41 Ray Bolger

    • December 10, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "I am going to glance at the dollar bills and add up the serial numbers in my head." 2. Contestant returned the panel's money, but has replaced it with counterfeit money. 3. Guest Ray Bolger: Does a dance routine using a split screen that shows only his legs, while Garry does the upper half.

  • S11E42 Arthur Godfrey

    • December 17, 1962
    • CBS

    1. holds his breath under water for four minutes. 2. "I can balance myself on one finger." 3. Guest Arthur Godfrey: Has the panel join him in a performance of "The 12 Days of Christmas."

  • S11E43 No Celebrity

    • December 24, 1962
    • CBS

    1. "We are finally going to have a baby sister." 2. Christmas celebration.

  • S11E44 Guy Lombardo

    • December 31, 1962
    • CBS

    1. Audience member fills in for Bess. 2. Betsy performs a song from "South Pacific." 3. Guest Guy Lombardo: Panel join him in some more musical performances for New Year's Day.

Season 12

  • S12E01 Hugh Downs

    • January 7, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Father and sons all are attending school and play football. 2. Guest Hugh Downs: Quizzes the panel on how much they know about current events. 3. Nine male contestants are concealing ballet tutus and slippers under their overcoats and boots.

  • S12E02 Hermione Gingold

    • January 14, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Duck call with orchestral accompaniment. 2. Contestants have names that match (or don't match) their occupations. 3. Guest Hermione Gingold: The panel are tested on how much they remember about their first dates.

  • S12E03 Carol Channing

    • January 21, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Tiddlywinks champions. 2. Guest Carol Channing: Is going to fill in for Bill next week, so she is taking notes on how to do the job. 3. Korean boy who doesn't speak English is cued by Garry on how to answer the blindfolded panel's questions.

  • S12E04 Boris Karloff

    • January 28, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Smash a diamond. 2. Contestant traveled to the show from Florida in a submarine. 3. Guest Boris Karloff: Pictures are shown and the panel comes up with captions.

  • S12E05 Jack Benny

    • February 4, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "The exact same events happened to my twin brother in the exact same order." 2. "I burned over one million dollars today for the U.S. Treasury." 3. Guest Jack Benny: "I have a taxi waiting … The meter is running."

  • S12E06 Ann Sothern

    • February 11, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "I was born in President Lincoln's cabin." 2. "While I was gone I had triplets" 3. Guest Ann Sothern: Teaches Tony and Betsy various dance steps and teaches Garry how to ski.

  • S12E07 Durward Kirby

    • February 18, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "We're a calypso steel drum band." 2. Club of female pilots. 3. Guest Durward Kirby: Audience members join the panel in trying to pick out the one expensive clothing item from among many cheap items.

  • S12E08 Salvador Dalí

    • February 25, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Rode on the back of a whale for three hours. 2. Three of the four brothers have the same first name. 3. Guest Salvador Dalí: The panel have created their own paintings, which they attempt to explain to him.

  • S12E09 Steve Allen

    • March 4, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "We are both American soldiers … but we play enemies in war games." 2. Walked to the studio in Hollywood from San Diego. 3. Guest Steve Allen: The panel makes prank phone calls in response to want ads.

  • S12E10 Dick Van Dyke

    • March 11, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Hidden inside the desks on stage are a cow and a horse. 2.Guest Dick Van Dyke: The guest is interviewed and the panel must try to remember his answers.

  • S12E11 Carol Burnett

    • March 18, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "I have a 70-piece band backstage … and they all play the banjo." 2. "We weren't singing … the musicians behind us are ventriloquists." 3. Guest Carol Burnett: Play musical chairs while the panel is blindfolded.

  • S12E12 Meredith Willson

    • March 25, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Contestant had lunch with Garry and Betsy, but it was his twin brother. 2. Contestant's daughter is only 3, and is the oldest of seven children. 3. Guest Meredith Willson: Conducts a group of singers chosen from the phone book.

  • S12E13 Dorothy Loudon & Stuart Somerstein

    • April 1, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to read what the panel wrote … blindfolded." 2. "I found the couple lost for 7 weeks in the Yukon." 3. Guests Dorothy Loudon and Stuart Somerstein: Panel makes up songs that have Somerstein's name in them.

  • S12E14 Suzy Parker

    • April 8, 1963
    • CBS

    1. World's largest harmonica. 2. "I won $140,000 in the Irish Sweepstakes." 3. Guest Suzy Parker: Accompanied by little girl who "designed the dress Miss Parker's wearing."

  • S12E15 Horst Buchholz

    • April 15, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Flew from Miami to the Bahamas on a kite. 2. Hits two golf balls with one club at the same time.3. Guest Horst Buchholz: Plays show footage that have been dubbed in German. Panel tries to translate what they said back into English.

  • S12E16 Alan King

    • April 22, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "I beat Garry Moore in an amateur contest 27 years ago." 2. Guest Alan King: He and the panel make up Tom Swifties. 3. "I'm their cooking teacher … We cooked the panel a dinner."

  • S12E17 Vic Damone

    • April 29, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "I'm going to hold Garry up off the ladder." 2. "We got four perfect bridge hands in one deal." 3.Guest Vic Damone: The panel guess how each other would answer various questions.

  • S12E18 Cliff Robertson

    • May 6, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Six boys live in Houston, all named Garry, and all have twin brothers named Larry. 2. Guest Cliff Robertson: Reads mystery scenarios that the panel try to solve. 3. Betsy and Bess are fitted for the dresses that Bill and Henry designed.

  • S12E19 Robert Goulet

    • May 13, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "When I put my hand over it … our TV picture will go off the air." 2. "President Kennedy gave me a medal for heroism." 3. Guest Robert Goulet: Panel tries to sing songs that have been translated into other languages and guess what the songs are.

  • S12E20 Morey Amsterdam

    • May 20, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Contestant volunteered to spend five months in solitary confinement for space research. 2. "I designed the 'I've Got a Secret' title card." 3. Guest Morey Amsterdam: Panel names a subject and Morey comes up with a joke. Panelists pick a joke, Morey names a subject, and the panelist works the subject into the joke.

  • S12E21 Joan Crawford

    • May 27, 1963
    • CBS

    No description available

  • S12E22 Hugh O'Brian

    • June 3, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Built an airplane in his living room. 2. Elderly contestant trapped two burglars who were trying to break into a store. 3. Guest Hugh O'Brian: Bess taught him how to tear a telephone book in half.

  • S12E23 Arnold Palmer

    • June 10, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Creates pictures using a typewriter. 2. Guest Arnold Palmer: "Henry Morgan is going to be my caddy … and he doesn't know it." 3. contestant is hidden inside a box that also contains a small automobile.

  • S12E24 Peggy Cass

    • June 17, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Married 50 years and also has had the same car all that time. 2. Acted in the "Our Gang" films. 3. "To Tell the Truth" is played in which the panel act as the contestants. 4. Tear phone book into sixteenths.

  • S12E25 Sam Levenson

    • June 24, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "We invited President Kennedy to a party … and he came!" 2. Guest Sam Levenson: Panel is quizzed on actual test questions given to elementary school students. 3. Magician who does a levitation trick using Garry.

  • S12E26 Jack E. Leonard

    • July 1, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "I am the entire population of Ironton, Colorado." 2. Art class sculpture from mechanical parts. 3. Guest Jack E. Leonard: Wearing a hat and fake beard concealing headphones that prevent him from hearing what anyone is saying.

  • S12E28 Peter Lawford

    • July 5, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Plays 18 soda bottles and a vacuum cleaner with orchestral accompaniment. 2. Contestants on the Japanese version of the show. 3. Guest Peter Lawford: The panel is challenged to solve mysteries.

  • S12E29 Phil Silvers

    • September 9, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Photos of the panel taken without their knowledge while they were on vacations. 2. Was rescued from the Hazleton anthracite mine. 3. Guest Phil Silvers: Joined by golfer Sam Snead, boxer Barney Ross, baseball player Rod Kanehl, and decathlete Bob Mathias, all of whom are going to perform in a Dixieland band.

  • S12E30 Alan King

    • September 16, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "I performed in a concert that lasted 18 hours" 2. Drove a car 407 mph. 3. Guest Alan King: Tests the panel's familiarity with elephant jokes.

  • S12E31 George Hamilton

    • September 23, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Three elderly female contestants are slingshot champions. 2. Involved with the recent introduction of ZIP codes. 3. Guest George Hamilton: To prove that people over 25 don't know who he is, a lookalike answers questions for him.

  • S12E32 Gordon MacRae

    • September 30, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Magician removes Henry and Garry's vests without removing their jackets. 2. "I hit a foul ball into the stands this season … and it hit my mother." 3. Guest Gordon MacRae: Teaches the panel to sing a rock and roll song.

  • S12E33 James Garner

    • October 7, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Dog rescued two brothers. 2. World's smallest airplane 3. Guest James Garner: Shows English words that have been spelled phonetically, the panel guesses what the words are.

  • S12E34 Tony Randall

    • October 14, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Contestants last names match the instruments they play. 2. Celebrated 80th birthday by skydiving for the first time. 3. Guest Tony Randall: The panel tries to get each other to guess which emotions they are expressing using only their faces.

  • S12E35 Art Linkletter

    • October 21, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "We just made the longest supersonic flight in history." 2. Guest Art Linkletter: Partition is placed between the male and female panelists, and then they are quizzed on what they remember about each other's appearance. 3. Dancer is one of triplets.

  • S12E36 Groucho Marx

    • October 28, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Male contestant has a jack-o'-lantern that is lit by atomic energy. 2. Guest Groucho Marx: The panel have to guess that his answers are being given by an impersonator. 3.Young male contestant is a top spinning champion.

  • S12E37 Durward Kirby

    • November 4, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Survived falling three miles into the ocean when his parachute didn't open. 2. World's largest pearl. 3. Guest Durward Kirby: A woman who has never heard of Garry, tries to guess which of three men he is.

  • S12E38 Jack E. Leonard

    • November 11, 1963
    • CBS

    1 Contestant was the entire U.S. Air Force in 1909. 2. Father of the quintuplets. 3. Guest Jack E. Leonard: Appears with a woman who taught him a ballet that he will perform.

  • S12E39 Allan Sherman

    • November 18, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Contestant has a role in "Oliver!" on Broadway. 2. "I won $79,600 on a $2 horse racing ticket." 3. Guest Allan Sherman: Audience members offer facts about themselves and the panel makes up rhyming song lyrics about them.

  • S12E41 Troy Donahue

    • December 2, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Contestant rides a bicycle that is concealed inside Bess's purse. 2. "I have been bitten by 23 different dogs." 3. Guest Troy Donahue: Four of his "fans" take the panel's seats, while the panel stand by to help them.

  • S12E42 Michel de la Vega

    • December 9, 1963
    • CBS

    1.Contestant climbed Mt. Everest. 2. "I pushed a peanut up Pikes Peak with my nose." 3. Guest Michel de la Vega: Balances Betsy on the tip of a sword.

  • S12E43 No Celebrity

    • December 16, 1963
    • CBS

    1. "I can play the tuba." 2. Contestants" are four marionettes: "The panel is going to work our strings during the musical performance." 3. Norman Paris conducts the panel and orchestra in a Christmas song played on soda bottles.

  • S12E45 Hal March

    • December 30, 1963
    • CBS

    1. Contestants have names that are the months of the year. 2. Guest Hal March: The panel makes predictions for the coming year, which are evaluated a year later. The Ferko String Band performs.

Season 13

  • S13E01 Jose Ferrer

    • January 6, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "President Johnson was my teacher in 6th grade … He once gave me a spanking." 2. "I won a cookie baking contest … The cookie weighs 2300 pounds." 3. Guest Jose Ferrer: The panel are shown onomatopoetic words from other languages and must guess what sounds they represent.

  • S13E02 Carol Channing

    • January 13, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I sailed across the Pacific Ocean on a raft alone." 2. Blindfolded panel guess that the contestants are Phyllis's children. 3. Guest Carol Channing: Blindfolded husbands describe their wives, panel guesses which woman is wife.

  • S13E03 Arthur Godfrey

    • January 20, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "Our grandfather was the Lone Ranger on radio." 2. "We were the Quiz Kids on radio." 3. Guest Arthur Godfrey: Plays theme to a radio soap opera. The panelist must guess the show.

  • S13E04 Alan King

    • January 27, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I made this dress out of 204 nylon stockings." 2. "I played 54 holes of golf … 18 holes in New York — 18 holes in Chicago — 18 holes in California … All on the same day." 3. Guest Alan King: Garry filled out a personality profile and the results were fed into a UNIVAC computer, which picked out a birthday presents.

  • S13E05 No Celebrity

    • February 3, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I play 4 trumpets at the same time." 2. "I keep 5 punching bags going at the same time." 3. "I keep 5 punching bags going at the same time." 4. 5.Simon Argevitch smokes 10 cigars at once, instead of six .

  • S13E06 Jonathan Winters

    • February 10, 1964
    • CBS

    1. Teacher: "I once made him write: 'I will not talk in class' 50 times ... I got a ticket for speeding." Judge: "I sentenced her to write: 'I shall try not to exceed the speed limit' 100 times." 2. "Scientists have named a species of insect after me." 3. Guest Jonathan Winters: The panel interview him as if he were four different men and contestant must guess which one he really is.

  • S13E07 Bobby Darin

    • February 17, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I own my own country." 2. The Davis Cup … We just won it back for the United States." 3. Guest Bobby Darin: A recording is played of him singing a "duet." "The girl singing on that record is me!"

  • S13E08 Morey Amsterdam

    • February 24, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "Our parents are backstage … They're celebrating their 74th wedding anniversary tonight." 2. "I'm Cassius Clay's/Sonny Liston's sparring partner. 3. Guest Morey Amsterdam: Each panelist was given 50 jokes to memorize. Amsterdam names a category, any panelist who can think of a joke that fits, gets to tell it.

  • S13E09 Woody Allen

    • March 2, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I have a machine that can drill holes through a human hair." 2. "We're sports writers … We picked Cassius Clay to win the fight." 3. Guest Woody Allen: "I am going to make my debut as a singer tonight … My singing partner is a French poodle."

  • S13E10 Connie Stevens

    • March 9, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I am the United States yo-yo champion." 2. "I smashed up a saloon with Carry Nation in 1901." 3. Guest Connie Stevens is too sick to perform, so Betsy takes her place. A group of mannequins is on stage modeling current fashions. "I had a cup of coffee with one of these dummies today … One of them is a real live girl."

  • S13E11 Art Carney

    • March 16, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "This horse is going horseback riding." 2. "I gave her eight weeks of golf lessons." … "My first day on the course I shot a 56 … on the first hole." 3. Guest Art Carney: "I will accompany myself on an electric organ … It's in my pocket."

  • S13E12 E.G. Marshall

    • March 23, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "We're not wearing dresses … We're wearing bathing suits and skirts." 2. "My team played his team in a game of Monopoly … The game lasted 14 days, nonstop." 3. Guest E.G. Marshall: Two panelists are given facts from a real-life jury case. Each of the two must try to argue one side of the case before the jury.

  • S13E13 Bette Davis

    • March 30, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I am a glass blower … I'm going to make a drinking glass out of your handkerchief." 2. "I left my job two years ago … I was one of the Beatles." 3. Guest Bette Davis: The audience submitted questions, but before Davis answers them, the panel first must guess how she will answer.

  • S13E14 Wally Cox

    • April 6, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I started [KFC] with my first Social Security check ($105.00)." 2. "I've memorized the vital statistics of all the players on these [264] cards." 3. Guest Wally Cox: "I'm making a box lunch … I'm going to eat the box."

  • S13E15 Suzy Parker

    • April 13, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "We're the freshman class of student nurses (University of Virginia) … I am the president of our class." 2. "I teach them judo and karate." 3. Guest Suzy Parker: Living room display is set up. "There are no bulbs in the lamps — the shades light up … The blinds, pillows, table and picture frame light up too … So does my dress."

  • S13E16 Ed Begley

    • April 20, 1964
    • CBS

    1. I'm going to teach my [blackjack] system to Henry Morgan … We're going to send him to the Caribbean to try it out." 2. Potatoes: "I use them as a battery to play my radio." 3.Guest Ed Begley: Plays rare recordings of famous people's voices, which the panel try to identify.

  • S13E17 Olivia de Havilland

    • April 27, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I was the first person turned in to the children's lost and found." 2. "I'm a pitcher with the Houston Colts baseball team … Last week I pitched a no-hitter and lost the game." 3. Guest Olivia de Havilland: Translates French slang phrases literally and the panel guess the American equivalent.

  • S13E18 Lloyd Bridges

    • May 4, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I robbed a bank." 2. One 35mm slide has "The complete text of the Bible — Old and New Testament (1245 pages)." 3. Guest Lloyd Bridges: Shows the panel facsimiles of actual letters with hard-to-decipher addresses that the post office succeeded in delivering.

  • S13E19 Durward Kirby

    • May 11, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I'll draw a picture of you [Garry] — by shooting bullets at aluminum sheet." 2. "My real name is Mr. Ex/Wye/Zee." 3. Guest Durward Kirby: People thought they were applying for "I've Got a Secret." Kirby reads their purported secrets. Panel must guess that everything they are hearing is in response to the same question .

  • S13E20 Armed Forces Week

    • May 18, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I just received my appointment to West Point/Annapolis." 2. "I was with Adm. Peary's expedition that discovered the North Pole (1909)." 3. After the show they are going to "Carnegie Hall … We are a Dixieland band" 4. Panelists imitate men from Fort Myer as they do rifle exercises.

  • S13E21 Smothers Brothers

    • May 25, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I'm Arthur Godfrey's mother." 2. "My father is Mickey Rooney." 3. Guests Smothers Brothers: People try to say tongue twisters in time to Tom Smothers' increasingly rapid guitar strumming.

  • S13E22 Victor Borge

    • June 1, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "We were brought together by a computer." 2. Guest Victor Borge: Conduct a performance of musicians hammer nails, playi a saw, tearing a sheet, blowing a conch shell, letting air out of a balloon, and blowing a garden hose.

  • S13E23 Robert Merrill

    • June 8, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "We're going to launch our own earth satellite." 2. The marathon race … I won the race by 4 miles." 3. Guest Robert Merrill: "We made our debuts at the Metropolitan Opera last season … So did our dog."

  • S13E24 Twelveth Anniversary Show

    • June 15, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "We're the panel's stand-ins." 2. Producer of commercials sings. 3. Stage manager tap dances. 4. John Hundley of CBS Program Practices sings. 5. Director and VP play trumpets.

  • S13E25 Sam Levenson

    • June 22, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "All these medals were won by my wife … She's an Olympic gymnast too." 2. "He gave me a suit every time I lost 50 pounds … I lost 324 pounds in 18 months." 3. Guest Sam Levenson: The panel are tested on actual questions given to fifth graders.

  • S13E26 Unknown Details

    • September 14, 1964
    • CBS

    Unknown. Believed to have been hosted by Garry Moore and Steve Allen, as Allen was taking over as host.

  • S13E27 Edie Adams

    • September 21, 1964
    • CBS

    Steve Allen takes over as host. 1. Many Steve lookalikes. 2. "I put on my first pair of long pants." 3. Guest Edie Adams: Performs a silent sketch in reverse, then plays tape backwards. The panel attempts to act out a backwards sketch.

  • S13E28 Connie Francis

    • September 28, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "It teaches astronauts to walk on the moon." 2. "I swam the English Channel this summer … I'm the youngest person ever to do it." 3.Guest Connie Francis: Displays original working lyrics from what became well-known songs. The panel try to guess the song.

  • S13E29 Arlene Francis

    • October 5, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I'm one of the stars of the Folies Bergère." … "I'm her understudy." 2. "I won Steve Allen for a day" through a contest. 3. Guest Arlene Francis: Handwriting samples from the panel were sent to an analyst, the panel guesses which of them is described by each analysis.

  • S13E30 Carol Channing

    • October 12, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I know all the roles in 7 Gilbert and Sullivan operettas." 2. For the last 17 years "I've been trying to pass my driver's test." 3. Guest Carol Channing: Appears with cast members from "Hello, Dolly!"

  • S13E31 Julie Newmar

    • October 19, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "Our wives are sisters." 2. Guest Julie Newmar: The panel were given "creativity kits" typically given to engineering students, and had to try to build something with them.

  • S13E32 Ray Walston

    • October 26, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I'm making a phonograph album." 2. Guest Ray Walston: Has a jack-o'-lantern that will light up in response to audience applause.

  • S13E33 Victor Borge

    • November 9, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the football player who ran 67 yards to score … for the other team." 2. "I built the world's slowest airplane … It can fly 11 mph." 3. Guest Victor Borge: Has an unusual orchestra: "They can't play a note on their instruments … They imitate the instrument sounds with their mouths."

  • S13E34 Robert Goulet / The Shangri-Las

    • November 16, 1964
    • CBS

    1. Film of two elephants outside the studio who got away. 2. "I've never seen Irma Reichert … I drew her picture from a telephoned description." 3. Guest Robert Goulet: Act out a melodramatic scene. The dialogue is actually the words to 'Leader of the Pack.' The Shangri-Las appear.

  • S13E35 Louis Nye

    • November 23, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "The criminal ate my purse and its contents … I was robbed by an elephant." 2. Guest Louis Nye: Preparing Thanksgiving dinner "All this food will be cooked and ready to eat … in about 10 minutes." 3. "One of us is going to win $5000 tonight."

  • S13E36 Robert Merrill

    • December 7, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "I'm the new hog calling champion of Los Angeles County." 2. Guest Robert Merrill: The panel's songs, each titled "I've Got a Secret" and already composed by 11/9, are finally performed.

  • S13E37 Steve Lawrence

    • December 14, 1964
    • CBS

    1.People with amusing names. 2. Guest Steve Lawrence: Reads statements quoted in the press and the panel must guess which one of them is being quoted. 3. "We challenge the panel to a game of volleyball … We'll play the game without using our hands."

  • S13E38 Christmas Show

    • December 21, 1964
    • CBS

    1. Visiting 10 foster children, each of whom lives in a different part of the world. 2. Children of the staff play a Christmas carol on alarm clocks. 3. The Salvation Army band play a song on tambourines.

  • S13E39 Durward Kirby

    • December 28, 1964
    • CBS

    1. "This is the first time all our children … have been in the same place at the same time." 2. Guest Durward Kirby: Last year, the panel made predictions for 1964, which now are evaluated. 3. 25 people are assembled whose last names, when sung in sequence, form the lyrics to "Auld Lang Syne."

Season 14

  • S14E01 Jack E. Leonard

    • January 4, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "We traveled from Argentina to Canada … on a bicycle built for two." 2. Guest Jack E. Leonard: Guest is interviewed and the panel must try to remember his answers. 3. "I can play melodies using only this drum."

  • S14E02 Bud Collyer

    • January 11, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "We have raised $70,000 at banquets and medical conventions … by singing." 2. Guest Bud Collyer: Next week, the panels from this show and "To Tell the Truth" will trade places, so a hybrid game is played.

  • S14E03 Alan King

    • January 18, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "We share the same telephone party line." 2. "I've never met this panel before … They met my sister." 3. Guest Alan King: The panel are tested on how well they know each other.

  • S14E04 Peter Lawford

    • January 25, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "I wrote all these books in one year … I am the author of 450 full-length books." 2. "I got a toothache … I pulled his tooth." 3. Guest Peter Lawford: Collects jewelry from the panel and locks it in a safe. "An escape artist will return the jewels … He's already inside the safe."

  • S14E05 Kaye Ballard

    • February 1, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "The sound made them grow twice as large as normal plants." 2. Guest Kaye Ballard: Reads a scene with Steve in Italian and the panel must guess what the scene is about just from the acting. 3. "I play on a girls' professional basketball team." … "Her team beat my team (playing men's rules)."

  • S14E06 Shirl Conway

    • February 8, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I hit a golf ball every inch of the way (across the country)." 2. "We're not related … We met today for the first time." 3. Guest Shirl Conway: Two panelists at a time try to profile one of two people chosen from the audience just by looking at them.

  • S14E07 No Celebrity

    • February 15, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I designed and built an electronic computer … The computer wrote the music I just played." 2. "I was President Johnson's teacher in the first grade." 3. The other panelists all have a birthday present for Bill, but first he must earn it by playing "The Price Is Right."

  • S14E08 Buddy Hackett

    • February 22, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "We have eighteen brothers and sisters." 2. "We found a sunken treasure worth more than a million dollars." 3. Guest Buddy Hackett: Five women have been selected from the audience. "One of these ladies will replace Bess Myerson on the panel next week."

  • S14E09 Bette Davis,Olivia de Havilland

    • March 1, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I've memorized the names of theaters, newspapers, hotels, etc. … in almost every city in the United States." 2. "We met in a hospital maternity wing … We each became the father of twins last week." 3.Guests Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland: "Someone else is answering for us."

  • S14E10 Lucille Ball

    • March 8, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I'm Marlon Brando's stand-in." 2. "Each of us won an Olympic gold medal for the USA." 3. Guest Lucille Ball: The audience has submitted questions on cards and the panel, which includes her husband, must predict what her answers will be.

  • S14E11 Neil Sedaka

    • March 15, 1965
    • CBS

    1. Neil Sedaka sings. 2. "My submarine is also designed to fly." 3. "I'm the only real lawyer on the set of 'The Defenders.'" 4.Guest Neil Sedaka: Lip-syncs to songs.

  • S14E12 Vivian Vance

    • March 22, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I'm a piano player … My piano is in this briefcase." 2. "I baked the best cherry pie in a contest against 4,000 girls." 3. Guest Vivian Vance: Begins speaking very fast, Steve responds in kind, and the panel are instructed to keep up the rapid rate of talking. "There's a man backstage recording every word we say — in shorthand."

  • S14E13 David Wayne

    • March 29, 1965
    • CBS

    1. Female barbershop singers. 2. "I'm going to be the new Tarzan in the movies" 3. Guest David Wayne: Fifth grade class repeat an abridged performance of "A dramatization of a book by Henry Morgan."

  • S14E14 Durward Kirby

    • April 5, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I write, produce and direct my own movies." 2. "My husband is a dentist … Our son is a dentist … " 3. Guest Durward Kirby: The panelists must guess what they were doing at the time their pictures were taken.

  • S14E15 Morey Amsterdam

    • April 12, 1965
    • CBS

    1. Boxes contain "A do-it-yourself helicopter." 2. Smoke jumper: "I landed in a nudist colony." 3. Guest Morey Amsterdam: The panel try to answer questions commonly posed to library information desks.

  • S14E16 Woody Allen

    • April 19, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "My son was born in the car … while the car was still in the showroom." 2. Junior Chamber of Commerce as its youngest-ever Man of the Year. 3.Guest Woody Allen: "I'm going to perform a duet with Bess Myerson.

  • S14E17 Edie Adams

    • April 26, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I flew here in a 1912 airplane." 2. "I found a parking ticket on my car … A parking meter was installed during the night." 3. Guest Edie Adams: The panelists must guess secrets about themselves.

  • S14E18 William Frawley

    • May 3, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I just signed a 5-year contract as a rock 'n' roll singer." 2. "I gave my teacher an apple with a worm in it." 3. Guest William Frawley: "I introduced the song 'Melancholy Baby' to the public.

  • S14E19 Eydie Gorme

    • May 10, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I was the entire parade." 2. "I was born the night Betsy Palmer got married … Her husband had to leave the wedding party to deliver me." 4. Guest Eydie Gorme: Everyone thinks of appropriate songs to match up with classic artworks.

  • S14E20 George Hamilton

    • May 17, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I have a twin brother … You were skipping rope with him a minute ago." 2. Guest George Hamilton: "I am watching the panel on television." 3. "I'm the intercollegiate skateboard champion."

  • S14E21 Sam Levenson

    • May 24, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I'm a safe-driving consultant … I've crashed more than 3000 cars on purpose." 2. "He pitched against me when I was with the Dodgers." … "I also pitched against his father when he was a Dodger." 3.Guest Sam Levenson: The panel are given a fourth-grade test.

  • S14E22 Liza Minnelli

    • May 31, 1965
    • CBS
  • S14E23 Fritz Weaver

    • June 7, 1965
    • CBS

    1. Piloted a plane that circled JFK Airport for a half hour before landing because "The movie we were showing wasn't over." 2. "I lived on an iceberg for 3½ years." It traveled 5,000 nautical miles. 3. Guest Fritz Weaver: Henry assists in a test of the other panelists' powers of observation: Since they last saw him, nine changes have been made to his appearance, which they must identify.

  • S14E24 Don DeFore

    • June 14, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "Our teacher is backstage... My teacher is backstage." 2. "I'm quarterback for the Cleveland Browns football team." 3. Guest Don DeFore: The panel are given the facts from a real-life jury case in which a drama critic was sued for libel. Then they must argue the case before a jury of audience members.

  • S14E25 Arlene Francis

    • June 21, 1965
    • CBS

    1.Four young men have secrets about how they are earning the money to go to college. 2. "I made an unassisted triple play." 3. Guest Arlene Francis: "I'm learning to play the trombone."

  • S14E26 Jayne Meadows

    • June 28, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I almost drowned … I was rescued by Cary Grant." 2. Guest Jayne Meadows: "When you flash the light — my hair will turn purple." 3. Eight sisters: The first names of the first seven, in order of their birth, duplicate the notes of the musical scale.

  • S14E27 Tony Randall

    • July 5, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I caught a 370-pound fish … It took me 19 hours to land it." 2. Guest Tony Randall: The panel answered eight questions. Four complete sets of eight answers are shown, one set at a time, and the panel must guess which one of them gave the answers. 3. "My band consists of 16 drummers."

  • S14E28 Carol Burnett

    • September 13, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I crossed the Atlantic Ocean alone in a 13½-foot sailboat." 2. "I used to weigh 802 pounds." 3. Guest Carol Burnett: Reads scripts in which she interrogates a murder suspect. The panel must figure out the hole in his alibi.

  • S14E29 Soupy Sales

    • September 20, 1965
    • CBS

    1. Song parody, "Water in New York." 2. "Someone stole the water from my pool … 4,000 gallons overnight." 3. "I didn't draw this picture … I cut it out of one piece of paper — with scissors." 4. Guest Soupy Sales: A group of Watusis, from the African Pavilion at the World's Fair: "We met in a dancing class … We're learning an American dance — the Watusi."

  • S14E30 Fred Gwynne

    • September 27, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "It's a machine that plays the piano." 2. "I was the world's first radio disc jockey." 3.Guest Fred Gwynne: The panel are challenged to guess the origins of words and phrases.

  • S14E31 Arthur Godfrey

    • October 4, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "We're going to play the world's largest saxophone … It takes 3 men to play it." 2. "I was bitten … by a little boy who was guarding the dog." 3. Guest Arthur Godfrey: The panel answer interview questions as they think he would.

  • S14E32 Peter Falk

    • October 11, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "This sculpture can be played as a musical instrument." 2. "I swam the English Channel last month … I swam across and back again (in 30 hours)." 3. Guest Peter Falk: The panel are shown baby photos and have to guess who the celebrity is.

  • S14E33 Buddy Hackett

    • October 18, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "My great-grandmother is backstage … My great-grandmother is backstage..etc." 2. "I played the leading man in a new movie" 3. Guest Buddy Hackett: Joined by three animals: "We all paint pictures in our spare time."

  • S14E34 Alan King

    • October 25, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I help train varsity basketball players … I give them ballet lessons." 2. "I had it crushed and made into a coffee table." 3. Guest Alan King: "Each painting shows the correct time."

  • S14E35 Durward Kirby

    • November 1, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I studied for 45 hours nonstop … I fell asleep during the exam and they couldn't wake me up." 2. "We have to find blind dates for 2,000 cadets." 3. Guest Durward Kirby: To celebrate Betsy's birthday, the other panelists will help provide the entertainment.

  • S14E36 Vivian Vance

    • November 8, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "American servicemen found me in Korea when I was 11 years old … They passed the hat to raise money for my musical education." 2. "Our city does not have a harbor." 3. Guest Vivian Vance: One person instructs another to make pantomime movements, and the person following the instructions must guess what they're supposed to be pantomiming.

  • S14E37 Omar Sharif

    • November 15, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "The book contains over 10,000 world records, facts and statistics … We've memorized everything in the book." 2. "I gave him a pair of my shoes … He's the only other football player who wears size 16 shoes." 3.Guest Omar Sharif: The panelists must try to make themselves understood by people who don't speak English.

  • S14E38 Ethel Merman

    • November 22, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I've been a professional baseball player for 40 years … I'm Satchel Paige." 2. Delivered a baby. "We were 100 miles apart at the time … The mother and I were in an airplane over the Atlantic." 3. Guest Ethel Merman: The panel play tunes on a xylophone by reading the numbers on a card, without knowing the note durations, and must guess what tune they're playing.

  • S14E39 George Maharis

    • November 29, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "We race bicycles on these rollers … We can go over 60 miles per hour." 2. "I was the first pilot to fly over the South Pole." 3. Guest George Maharis: The audience filled out a questionnaire which have been fed into a UNIVAC computer. The panel guess the answers to questions about the audience demographics.

  • S14E41 Debbie Bryant

    • December 13, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "One or more of our sons has played on the team … every year for the past 23 years." 2. Guest Debbie Bryant: "I'm helping to put my mother through college." 3. "I'm not playing the organ … This music is coming from a guitar."

  • S14E42 No Celebrity

    • December 20, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "We don't sing … We are the world's first all-trombone choir." 2. Female contestant has earned many scholarships as a result of her trumpet playing. 3.Male contestant is a chorus "girl."

  • S14E43 Louis Armstrong

    • December 27, 1965
    • CBS

    1. "I can sink every ball on this table with one shot." 2. "I beat my wife (in the election)." 3. Guest Louis Armstrong: "I took my first lessons on this trumpet 53 years ago … The man who gave me those lessons is backstage."

Season 15

  • S15E01 Hugh O'Brian

    • January 3, 1966
    • CBS

    1. Panel makes predictions about facts that will be revealed later in the show by someone at the other end of each telephone. 2. "I took off and flew an airplane that has no motor … I turned the propeller by pedaling with my feet." 3. O'Brian reveals the panel's predictions.

  • S15E02 King Sisters

    • January 10, 1966
    • CBS

    No details available.

  • S15E03 Celebrity Relatives

    • January 17, 1966
    • CBS

    All contestants are sons of famous entertainers. "My father is Art Carney", "My father is Durward Kirby", "My father is Frank Fontaine", "My father is Steve Allen"

  • S15E04 Frank Gorshin

    • January 24, 1966
    • CBS

    Steve Allen is introduced as host and pounds timpani drums, saying ""Thank you and welcome to (pounds drums) I'VE GOT A SECRET! With (pounds drums) BETSY PALMER!, (pounds drums) BILL CULLEN!, (pounds drums), BESS MYERSON!, (pounds drums) and HENRY MORGAN!"" He introduces the first guests, The New York Percussion Trio, featuring Ronald Gould, Arnold Goldberg and Rolf Barnes. They play the ""Ritual Fire Dance of Defiance"" using the piano, two xylophones and timpani drums. But this isn't the only thing they have to give: they also have a secret, which the panel must guess, and the panel must put on their blindfolds (Bess Myerson can be heard softly saying ""Oh,really"" in displeasure). The secret is: ""THE THREE OF US AND THESE INSTRUMENTS TRAVEL IN THESE TWO CARS"". (Volkswagon beetles!!) (NOTE:the piano is not included among the instruments) As they pack their instruments, the panel ask their questions. Bill Cullen asked if what they were doing was athletic, and a band

  • S15E05 Carol Burnett

    • January 31, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "The only camera I've ever used is a one-dollar box camera." 2. "I'm wearing the suit I was married in." 3. Guest Carol Burnett: Panel competes in a trivia contest about TV shows.

  • S15E06 Robert Morse

    • February 7, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "I sing with the Metropolitan Opera Company … I've sung with the Met every season since 1910." 2. "I'm a professional ice hockey player … I'm the only American-born player in major league hockey." 3. Guest Robert Morse: Each panelist is shown an original model of a famous invention and must guess what it is.

  • S15E07 Phyllis Diller

    • February 14, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "I walk 4 miles a day looking for money on the streets … " 2. "Her letters saved my life … I kept them in my helmet and they deflected a bullet." 3. Guest Phyllis Diller: Friend: "I design all Phyllis Diller's clothes." 4. Found money totals $216.07.

  • S15E08 John Daly

    • February 21, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "I made the dress I'm wearing ... She made all of our clothes, too." 2. "I was the featherweight boxing champion of the world … I was also the lightweight boxing champion of the world …" 3. Guest John Daly: Reads excerpts from old newspaper articles and the panel must guess what event is being described.

  • S15E09 Vivian Vance

    • February 28, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "A week ago the only language I could speak was English." 2. "I wrote my first poem when I was 83 years old." 3. Guest Vivian Vance: Fifth graders challenge the panel to a memorization contest.

  • S15E10 Edgar Buchanan

    • March 7, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "There are four barbers backstage … They're going to give [the men] normal haircuts tonight." 2. "I'm the sit-up champion of the world." 3. Guest Edgar Buchanan: Joined by his stand-in, "I had a toothache ... I pulled his tooth … I'm a dentist."

  • S15E11 To Tell the Truth Panel

    • March 14, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "I can hold a note twice as long as I just did." 2. "He has to get rid of his house pet." … "My pet is a 260-pound snake 18 feet long." 3. Guests To Tell the Truth panel: The IGAS panel have challenged them to a trivia quiz about old-time radio and TV.

  • S15E12 Bob Holiday

    • March 21, 1966
    • CBS

    1. Using this machine, I can read with my fingertips." 2. "I flew to New York in a jet plane … I was the pilot." 3. Guest Bob Holiday: "I'm going to teach Steve Allen to fly like Superman tonight."

  • S15E14 Phil Ford, Mimi Hines

    • April 4, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "Through the efforts of my high school class … I was freed from behind the Iron Curtain." 2. "I posed as Miss Liberty for the U.S. 25-cent piece." 3. Guests Phil Ford and Mimi Hines: Ford has a toolbox containing what look like mechanic's tools. "I borrowed these tools from a dress designer … He used these tools to make a dress for my wife."

  • S15E15 George Segal

    • April 11, 1966
    • CBS

    1.Two male contestants were accidentally matched up by a computer dating service. 2. First female pilot in the U.S. Navy. 3.Guest George Segal: Plays banjo in a Dixieland band.

  • S15E16 Gretchen Wyler

    • April 18, 1966
    • CBS
  • S15E17 Joe Garagiola

    • April 25, 1966
    • CBS

    1. Film of the trip to Greenland is shown. 2 "I'm the pilot of the submarine that found the missing H-bomb." 3. Guest Joe Garagiola: The women are shown film clips of actual baseball plays and must try to describe them to the blindfolded men so that they understand what happened.

  • S15E18 Sheila MacRae

    • May 2, 1966
    • CBS
  • S15E19 E.G. Marshall

    • May 9, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "The harpist is my daughter-in-law … All the other musicians are my sons." 2. "I ran in the Boston Marathon last week" 3. Guest E.G. Marshall: The Multiple Image Maker and Identification Compositor (MIMIC) is a machine variation of the Identikit for creating portraits of crime suspects. Using the machine, the panel try to assemble a portrait of Bill.

  • S15E21 Hugh O'Brian

    • May 23, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "I was the best man at all their weddings." 2. "We were going to play piano solos in a recital … We're going to play together using our good arms." 3. Guest Hugh O'Brian: The panel are quizzed on how much they remember about everything that has happened on the show so far.

  • S15E22 Shelley Winters

    • May 30, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "I taught Steve Allen to play the clarinet … xylophone and vibes … piano." 2. "This is only part of the painting … The entire painting is longer than a football field" 3.Guest Shelley Winters: Steve and the panel are asked questions about themselves and guess the answers by writing down a number from 0 to 5.

  • S15E23 Arlene Francis

    • June 6, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "It's the oldest automobile still operating in the United States … Nothing on it has been replaced since it was built in 1891" 2. "I just signed a recording contract as a singer." 3. Guest Arlene Francis: Brings out four people, each of whom has a secret about one of the panel. Each person is questioned only by the panelist involved.

  • S15E24 Robert Goulet

    • June 13, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "I just won the fast draw championship of the world." 2. "I am the women's fast draw pistol champion of the world." 3. Guest Robert Goulet: The panel are tested on their ability to find the one expensive item among many cheap items of women's clothing.

  • S15E25 Sam Levenson

    • June 20, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "We just flew around the world and set 21 new records." 2. "I delivered the commencement speech at her graduation … I was the entire graduating class." 3. Guest Sam Levenson: Third grade quiz given to panelists.

  • S15E26 Garry Moore

    • September 5, 1966
    • CBS

    1.Children have secrets about what they did during the summer. 2.Guest Garry Moore: The panel predict what his answers will be to questions submitted by the audience.

  • S15E28 Edie Adams

    • September 19, 1966
    • CBS

    1. "Our grandmother just made her first record album … She's a rock 'n roll singer." 2. "I've made eight holes-in-one." 3. Guest Edie Adams: The panel guesses the origins of common metaphors.