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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • February 2, 2003
    • NBC

    SERIES PREMIERE--CHANGE IN POWER LOOMS IMMINENT IN DRUG CARTEL FAMILY-- As family leader Tio Jorge (guest star Pepe Serna) deteriorates in exile, the next generation of a powerful drug cartel family strategizes to take over 'La Corporacion,' a multi-million dollar business. Stanford-educated Miguel Cadena (Yancey Arias) is poised to take the reigns, but Jorge's son Ernesto (guest star Jacob Vargas) presents a challenge that requires the efforts of Miguel as well as his brother Chato (Bobby Cannavale) and wife Marlene (Sheryl Lee) to confront. Meanwhile, DEA agent Delia Flores (Angela Alvarado Rosa) faces setbacks as she works her contacts within the drug world to close in on the massive cartel. Brian Benben and Ruben Carbajal also star. TV-14

  • S01E02 El Velorio

    • February 4, 2003
    • NBC

    Ernesto's ""murder"" puts Miguel in control of the cartel and at odds with a pair of associates opposed to his new role. Meanwhile, Klein turns to a client (Darius McCrary) for help in getting out of the trade; and Delia steps up her plan to avenge her partner's murder. Lupita: Elpidia Carrillo. Manny: Danny Trejo. Tio Beto: Miguel Sandoval. Marlene: Sheryl Lee.

  • S01E03 Black Magic Woman

    • February 9, 2003
    • NBC

    As Miguel is warned by Lupita, who forsees of a black cloud looming over his impending deal with a Thai heroin cartel; Delia is crushed after she's transferred out of El Paso. Klein's ex-wife (Sean Young) comes back with a high-priced demand that forces the doctor to take drastic action.

  • S01E04 French Connection

    • February 11, 2003
    • NBC

    Miguel goes into business with a shady new doc who wants to amp up Cadena's supplies, just as Chato gets into bed with a lady (Maria Conchito Alonso) with dangerous family ties. Meanwhile, Marlene's dirty little secret comes out in time to put half her family in joepardy; and Klein turns to a less-than-reliable source to improve his tragically compromised finances.

  • S01E05 The Odd Couple

    • February 16, 2003
    • NBC

    Tensions heighten between traffickers and law enforcers as a major bust is about to go down; the brutalization of Chato comes back to haunt the corrupt Lazarenos.

  • S01E06 Gimme Shelter

    • February 18, 2003
    • NBC

    Kingpin ends on a quiet moment, with Miguel accepting Chato back into his life, but opens with a bang as Delia goes against Doug Duffy's orders and ends up saving Undercover Bobby's life during the raid on Truck's club. Dr. Benben tries out a professional bodyguard, but ends up pairing up with Junie. Things with La Corporacion are kind of a mess, but everything works out for the best after Miguel pays the CIA $20 million and the Senator is strangled by a bolo tie. Yes, a bolo tie.