After establishing Daffy's 'daffy' nature (by having him wander through a countryside singing a nonsense song and doing silly things), he dives into a lake. Later, Porky pulls up and sets up camp, intending to enjoy the countryside. He first tries making a painting, but is stopped when Daffy poses, 'ruining' the scenery. Daffy bicycles out on an invisible bike (a noticeable goof is when he says "So long, Rembrandt", Daffy's mouth doesn't move). Daffy then comes back in and tells Porky that he doesn't want 'his' lake painted, but he doesn't 'own' the mountains in the background. As he walks off, Daffy comes back in again, dressed as 'The old man in the mountains' - trying to get the mountains out of Porky's painting.

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  • Originally Aired Saturday, January 28, 1950
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