On his way to Dublin, Porky Pig is caught in a storm and must ask for the hospitality of the inhabitant of a nearby castle who calls himself "Seamus O'Toole." After being told there is no one inhabiting the place but leprechauns, Porky dimisses the information, but then accidentally gets hit on the head with a mace and loses consciousness. At that point, "O'Toole" is revealed to be a pair of leprechauns disguised as a human being. Pat, the first one, is very nervous and thinks Porky is after their pot of gold. Mike, the second leprechaun, convinces his partner that he knows how to deal with the Pig. When Porky wakes up, he is helped to a room by a "reunited" O'Toole who, during the short trip to the room, gets accidentally divided in two again. As Porky notices, he mentions to the top half of O'Toole that he has lost his lower half, and realizing that "O'Toole" is actually two leprachauns, is terrified and runs and hides in his bed, which happens to be a trap door leading to a shaft where Porky drops until he falls into the witness chair in a courtroom. There the Leprechauns find him guilty of trying to steal the pot of gold and sentence him to the wearing of the Green Shoes.

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, July 4, 1951
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