Luv Kush

The story of Luv Kush starts from Bharat Milap. That is when Ram comes back to Ayodhya and is crowned King. Misfortune falls in such a devastating manner that he is forced to send his beloved pregnant Sita to exile in the forest. Sita gives birth to Luv and Kush, who learn the poem Ramayan and the art of weaponry. They go from village to village singing the Ramayan and finally land in Ayodhya and in Ram's courtroom. Ram was engrossed in a state of melancholy after his wife's exile. He is revived after hearing the Ramayan from Luv and Kush. He does not know that Luv Kush are his sons, and they don't know that he is their father. Upon discovering that, they leave Ayodhya. Sita receives her warrior sons, but they show displeasure in her exile situation. She tries to console them, but to no avail. Ram performs Ashwamedh Yagna with the help of the golden statue of Sita. A white horse is left and the two boys conquer it and a big battle ensues between with Shatrughan, Lakshman, Hanuman and Ram. When Sita learns of this, she unites her sons and their father, and takes in arms of goddess mother Earth.

  • Series ID 250579
  • Status Ended
  • Airs Sunday,
  • Networks Doordarshan National
  • Runtimes 30 minutes (39 episodes)
  • Genres Action Adventure Documentary
  • Episode Screenshot Format 4:3 Screencap
  • Favorited This series has been favorited by 2 people.
  • Created July 30, 2011 by anand.manra
  • Modified July 27, 2020 by Srivatsanbs

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