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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 The Ocean, The Wind, And...

    • December 21, 2002

    Having come off second-best in his first battle with an Anti Alliance transforming fighter, Shin awakes to find himself on stranded on an island, Mayan. Stuck with them while his wounds heal & while he tries to find a way to signal his base, he strikes up a friendship with island girl Mao, and an understanding of sorts with Mao's older sister, Sara.

  • S01E02 The Star of the Surface

    • May 23, 2003

    The Alliance have developed their own transforming fighter, the VF-0 (or 'Zero'). It first sees action in the skies above Mayan, placing the lives of Mao & the other islanders at risk but giving Shin his opportunity to return.

  • S01E03 Blue and Desperate Battle

    • December 1, 2003

    Shin discovers that Sara and Mao have strange abilities connected to the island. Tension between Sara and Aries intensifies when Sara's mentor was the same professor that drew blood from her at a younger age. Meanwhile, Mao brings Shin into the ocean to show him the island's "secret treasure" - a large fragment of the ancient relic known as "AFOS." There, Shin learns more about adapting to different environments by observing a school of flying fish and a flock of birds that also swim. But Mayan and the ocean surrounding it once again become a war zone when anti-U.N. forces attack the Asuka II fleet and the island in hopes of taking away the heavily-guarded AFOS. Shin and Edgar - aboard their VF-0D - must protect the AFOS fragment discovered by Mao from the invading forces.

  • S01E04 Jungle

    • May 28, 2004

    After crash-landing, Shin finds a priestess in the Mayan jungle. Although they both are captured and tortured, they manage to escape but they are relentlessly chased by their enemies.

  • S01E05 The Birdman

    • October 22, 2004

    In the South Pacific, two military forces prepare to fight a nuclear war. In desperation, Shin and Sara decide to sacrifice themselves . . . in order to protect the Mayan people.