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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 An Unprecedented Neuroscientific Mystery Activates!! Eccentric Neuroscientist vs. Serial Demonic Terrorist!! Teleportation by Brain Usage!? 05/23/2009
2 Eccentric Neuroscientist vs. Beautiful Revived Ghost!! People Can Be Resurrected via Brain Training!? 05/30/2009
3 Invisible Man Setting Up Serial Murders!! Brain Training Exposes The Transparent Riddle 06/06/2009
4 Eccentric Neuroscientist vs. Prodigal Pianist!! A Skeletal Corpse Can Be Resurrected via Playing Cards!? 06/13/2009
5 Eccentric Neuroscientist vs. Beautiful Woman With A Split Personality!! The Conclusion is an Epiphany!? 06/20/2009
6 Eccentric Neuroscientist vs. The Tragic Multiple Personality Trick!! Brain Training is a Lie Detector!? 06/27/2009
7 Last Chapter ~ Eccentric Neuroscientist vs. Strongest Left-Brained Man!! A Time Bomb Within the Brain 07/04/2009
8 Conclusion ~ Farewell To Our Favorite Eccentric Neuroscientist!! The Final Brain Training is the Method of a Smile 07/11/2009


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