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Sherlock's Badder Brudder

Mumbly and Shnooker want to see the launch of a rocket going to Mars. However, two criminals named Hemlock and Alfie are after them. When Shnooker gets a report about Hemlock and Alfie, he calls Mumbly and tells him to be careful. When Hemlock and Alfie recognize Mumbly driving in his beat-up car, they send him to an airplane going to the North Pole. Mumbly comes back driving a sled, with sled dogs. They run to an abandoned house, lock Mumbly in a safe, and throw the safe in a chimney. Hemlock tells Alfie to use bricks to block the chimney. Then Alfie realizes that Mumbly helped him block the chimney! Hemlock and Alfie force Mumbly to go on a boat to Timbuktu. Mumbly follows Hemlock and Alfie to a hotel, and shows up in Alfie’s submarine in a bathtub. He also repeatedly jumps on the hotel sign outside a window, and Hemlock thinks that he’s seeing mirages because they sent Mumbly to Timbuktu earlier. Hemlock and Alfie drop Mumbly off a plane to a jungle in Borneo, but he continues to pursue them. They frantically try to escape, but they always see him when they open a door. Mumbly shows up at the space station, and Shnooker is waiting for him. Shnooker tells him to find out if he can look inside the rocket. Hemlock and Alfie try to send Mumbly to Mars, but as soon as Hemlock says, “By Jove, we did it Alfie! Mumbly is on his way to Mars!” Mumbly is standing right next to them. They give up and decide to go to Mars, and Shnooker accidentally gets in the rocket with them when it blasts off.

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