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The UFO's a No-No

A UFO lands in the city on the City Hall lawn. Mumbly and Shnooker both think that it’s just a strange car on the lawn, but two Martians, Spaceo and the Martian Commander, are planning to invade Earth. Shnooker orders Mumbly to give Spaceo a parking ticket and collect the $2 fine. Mumbly does his best to give Spaceo the parking ticket, but he tries to ignore Mumbly. Mumbly always catches up to Spaceo, and he gives the Martian a lot of tickets. Mumbly even goes to Mars and gives the Martian Commander a ticket! Spaceo gets really mad after getting a ticket for landing in a no parking zone, and he tries to freeze Mumbly with his ice laser gun. He surrenders when Mumbly gets out of the block of ice and almost runs over him in a truck. Shnooker doubts that Mumbly saved the Earth from an invasion. He asks Mumbly if Spaceo paid the $2 fine, and Mumbly gives Shnooker 500 Martian kronkels. When Shnooker sarcastically asks Mumbly if "little green guys" took him to the moon, tiny green creatures take him to the moon.

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