Around the office we call Elyse the Mistress of Ten Thousand Voices. Her impersonations, as you've seen, are spot on. You've already been privy to her impression of Bruce, of Keira Knightly, and of Spoole. But what you haven't seen is Elyse's full grab bag of stage-ready vocal mimicry. I'm telling you she's the best. Last night we were able to convince Elyse to do one of her classics: Bill Clinton imitating Nic Cage doing Jim Carrey as Oprah impersonating Bugs Bunny acting like Arnold mimicking Ella Fitzgerald pretending to be Mr. T aping PewDiePie emulating Nixon affecting Dirty Harry caricaturing Joan Rivers sending up Kermit the Frog copying Tina Fey mirroring Sylvester Stallone echoing Mr. Magoo portraying Dolly Parton posing as Homer Simpson representing a car alarm that sounds like the Vienna Boy's Choir singing in the style of Elvis performing as Mother Theresa. It was pretty amazing.

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